Danielle and Nicholas

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How We Met

Nick and Danielle met at a cheerleading competition at the young ages of 14 and 15 years old. Nick was friends with Danielle’s sister Victoria since they were the same age. Throughout the years, they always had easy conversations and stayed in touch. There was never anything aside from friendship for years and years to come.

In the summer of 2017, Nick while working at a coffee company he posted his espressos and coffees on his Snapchat story. Danielle, with her love of coffee, always struck up a casual catch-up conversation any time he posted about coffee. Nick will tell anyone, he checked her Instagram to see if she was single and then asked her if she wanted to get coffee. Thinking nothing of it but in a friendship type of way, Danielle said yes and he said he would pick her up. They had their coffee date, caught up about what’s been going on in life, and then made plans to hang out a few days later. Fast forward a few days later when Nick invited her over for Thai, they both realized that this was going to be more than friendship.

On August 19, 2017, Danielle asked Nick to be her boyfriend. Yup, you read that right! They went out on a date to Fortina in Stamford and after dinner before leaving, Danielle went to go touch up her makeup. While she was gone, Nick sent her a Snapchat drawing of a stick figure in her seat captioned “on a date with bae”. Danielle replied and said, “I prefer the term girlfriend”. Nick hadn’t checked his phone, so while they were at Sign of the Whale grabbing an after-dinner drink Danielle told him to check his phone. After seeing Danielle’s message, he looked at her, smiled, and nodded his head yes.

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How They Asked

About a month prior to the proposal, Nick asked if there was anything going on 12/19. Danielle said, “No, just the 18th we have to babysit, why?” He proceeded to tell Danielle that they were invited to his co-worker’s birthday that day in Queens. Fast forward to the week off, and NYC dining shut down. Danielle asked if it’s still happening because if it is, then she needed to get her nails done and not stretch them until Christmas. Nick told her it’s still happening “in a heated clear tent in Long Island City right on the water, they’re having food catered there.”

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On the 19th, as they’re walking to the spot on the water where it’s supposed to be Danielle asked him several times what everyone’s girlfriend’s names were because she already knew his co-worker’s names. They ended up walking over tons of ice and snow, all the while she was walking with her head down because she was wearing chunky-heeled boots to focus on not slipping and falling. Finally, they get to this little area cleared of snow without a single clear tent insight.

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Danielle said, “I think you should call him because we’re definitely not in the right spot.” Nick said, “Well what if I told you that was all a lie and I said all that just to get you here?” She said, “Wait, what, why?!” He said, “Because I want to ask you to marry me.” As he got down on one knee, any anger from him “lying” completely melted away, and then came all of the tears – she of course said yes and “Oh my God!” as soon as she saw the ring. His friend Victor is a photographer and he was there and got so many pictures of them with the NYC skyline and Danielle’s ugly cries.

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When they got back to his parents’ house, they had a whole surprise set up with balloons, appetizers, and champagne! Later that night, Nick surprised Danielle with dinner reservations at the restaurant where we first officially became boyfriend and girlfriend. The bigger surprise was that her family and his family were there to celebrate their engagement and the Future Mr. and Mrs. Bucciero!

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