Danielle and Nathan

How We Met

Nathan and I met in 2010. We were 17 and were both on a family vacation to South America aboard the Celebrity Equinox. My dad was catering that cruise for the Passover holiday and Nathan was traveling (with a different group) for the holiday as well. On the second day of the cruise, I was leaving the gym and trying to find my cousins. I walked off the elevator and I heard “I’m Nathan, what’s your name?” Really embarrassed because I’m one of those girls who looks like she jumped into a pool after the gym, I looked at him like he had 3 heads and said “I’m Danielle nice to meet you”. We started talking and he asked me on a date. Now, if you’ve ever been on a cruise, a “date” for 17 year olds is extremely limited. He asked me to meet him after dinner at the show. We met, hit it off and I immediately knew I wanted to get to know this guy more.

Danielle's Proposal in Top of The Rock NYC

Fast forward 12 days later to the last day of the cruise, Nathan would be heading back to New York where he lived and I would be heading back to Florida. We knew we wouldn’t be able to continue dating, but we did. We lasted about 3 months and called it quits. We remained best friends throughout the years, FaceTiming once or twice a month, texting weekly, calling each other when we had relationship problems, and so on and so forth. New Years 2015 Nathan decided to fly down to Florida to see me for the first time in 5 years. I was so nervous but said “why not!” I picked him up at the airport and all nerves were gone. It was like 5 years ago, was yesterday. We were together for about a week and Nathan went back to NY. This time it was different. Nathan and I decided to plan a cruise (as friends) in February. The cruise was a little rocky (pun intended) and we weren’t sure where our relationship stood. Nathan wanted me but we both were not over previous exes and didn’t want to be each other’s rebounds. Nathan ended up applying to jobs in Florida immediately following the cruise, took the leap, and moved down to Florida for me… FOR ME! That’s when I knew I needed to stop playing games with myself and go for it. We started slowly dating and eventually made it official in June of 2015.

how they asked

On December 26, 2016 Nathan and I took an early flight and flew up to NYC for New Year’s Eve. We landed around 9:45am and went directly to our hotel. We had plans to go to lunch with a friend and then Top of The Rock around 3:30pm but I was exhausted and wanted to take a nap. After lunch I begged Nathan to go back to the hotel and nap because there’s no set time that we have to be at Top of The Rock. He said we have a time slot and we have to be there during that time or we can’t go. So annoyed, I said fine and we napped for maybe 10 min. We got up, went straight to Top of The Rock and I could feel something was up. We took a Snapchat and one of the geofilters was “I said yes!” So I jokingly said to Nathan “did you do this?” And he played it off really well. We went through security, went up to the top and looked around. He started taking a lot of pictures and putting his phone on video. I was getting extremely nervous because I wasn’t sure what was going on. He told me that he’s ready for the next step and started to get down on one knee. Leading up to this moment, Nathan had pretended to propose about 5 times. He would start to get down on one knee and then say “haha just kidding!” So, I immediately thought he was kidding and then he officially got down on one knee!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Top of The Rock NYC

I have no idea what he even said because I was hysterical, but once he asked me to marry him, I immediately nodded “yes!!” (because I can’t talk when I cry). We had our moment and he pointed out that he hired a professional photographer to capture the moment which is why we had to be there at a set time. But that’s not all, it was starting to get dark and I wanted to take pictures by the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. We got downstairs and Nathan said “that’s not the only surprise…” and pointed across the street. There comes my whole family and his whole family over to congratulate us! Everyone flew in from Florida to spend our special day with us in NYC. This was by far, the best day of my life.

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