Danielle and Nathan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

How We Met

Nathan and I met at Sam’s Club in College Station, Texas, where we both worked during school/college. We worked in two very different departments, but our worlds collided when we both were promoted to supervisor at the same time. We worked side by side for the next five years together at Sam’s Club in different positions and departments throughout our time there.

How They Asked

Nathan’s proposal plan was genius and our amazing photographer agreed admittedly at the end of our session. Unknown to me, Nathan had asked my father back in October 2019, when they were in Charlotte, North Carolina visiting us. Nathen had been planning for a little while, trying to make it as special as possible. Back in June of 2018 when we had first moved to North Carolina, I had mentioned wanting to visit the Biltmore Estate. We had talked about here and there and continued to throw the idea around. Nathan works for Red Ventures now and they always give out (almost always amazing) incentives to their employees. One week Nathan came home and said that he was in the running for a small getaway package to Asheville. I thought it sound cool and truly I didn’t think much more of it. The next week Nathan said that he had won the getaway package to Asheville and that it came with tickets to the Biltmore Estate, a professional photography package, and a dinner.

Danielle and Nathan's Engagement in The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina

I was very excited to go to Asheville to see the Biltmore Estate and get professional pictures taken. On February 22, 2020, we woke up, got ready, and in true Danielle fashion (I am the world’s worst navigator) I got us lost three-times on the way to the Biltmore Estate, where we were meeting the photographer. Nathan was so frustrated (and now I understand it was nerves), but all I could do was laugh. I said “It’s okay it is a free photography session, we’re away from stressors. Let’s just enjoy our day.”, which in fact only added to Nathan’s stress and frustrations. We were ten minutes late to our photography session, but our photographer, Jessica, was the sweetest and introduced herself as we walked to the first spot of our photography session.

We started out with a few simple poses in front of the Biltmore Estate and at that moment I didn’t think our day could get any better. We then talked with Jessica and introduced ourselves more as we walked to a secluded area to take more pictures. It was absolutely beautiful and we did a couple of different poses, and when we went to change poses I turned around and Nathan was on his knee. It was such a surprised and I was so overjoyed I said yes with zero hesitation. We then celebrated and laughed about how I had no idea and was so surprised. We took a few more pictures before we parted ways with Jessica, who took amazing pictures and captured the true beauty of that moment. Nathan and I then made our phone calls, walked through the gardens at the Biltmore Estate, took our scheduled tour through the Biltmore Estate, and then went to a lovely dinner. In the five and half years that we have been together, that was truly one of the most amazing adventures we had had together.

Special Thanks

Jessica Merithew
 | Photographer