Danielle and Nasser

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How We Met

Nasser and I met in Junior year of high school. I saw Nasser running up the hill during cross country practice at a local park, and mentioned to my friend that I thought he was cute. Thank goodness my friend knew Nasser and gave him my phone number! We texted about a month before our first date on Thanksgiving Eve. We walked around the local park (the same one I saw Nasser running in) and we realized the conversation flowed. Not wanting the date to end, we decided to go to a local bakery for some dessert.

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We decided on black and white cookies (see proposal story!), splitting them in half so we could each have both flavors. From that day on we knew we had something special. Through the past 8 years, we have gone to different colleges, visited National Parks, traveled to different baseball stadiums, explored lighthouses and ran many miles together. We knew very early on we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and waited until we were established in our jobs to make it official.

how they asked

Danielle’s mom was terminally ill and I knew I wanted to propose soon to have her be a part of it. I decided proposing on a Wednesday at her house would be a perfect way to surprise Danielle (side note: It was, Danielle was hoping the proposal would happen on Friday when they went to visit the Rockefeller Tree as they do every year). When I walked into her house she greeted me with suspicion. She asked me “why did you get a haircut?” and “why are you in jeans?” (since I am always in running clothes). I was holding a box of black and white cookies which had “Will You Marry Me?” written on them, and had the ring in my jacket pocket.

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As she asked me these questions, I made up a couple of funny excuses, as I wondered if she were on to me (she wasn’t, she was in sweatpants!). She was curious what was in the pastry box and asked if she could peek inside, I said no… and she opened the box anyway. As she read the words written on the cookies I got down on one knee and proposed. She, of course, said yes! We went into the next room to show her mom the ring, her face lit up with happiness. It was truly perfect.

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