Danielle and Mike

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How We Met

I met Mike just over a year ago at a bar in Newport, RI by the name of SpeakEasy. Oddly enough, I was on a (blind) double date at the time and not quite hitting it off with my date for the night. When said date walked off to use the bathroom, I quickly approached the bar to grab myself a much needed beverage. That’s when I saw this tall, handsome man holding two bud lights. I jokingly asked if one was for me and the rest is history. We shared a drink and quick conversation where I peppered him with all the important questions before my date came back such as: how old are you? where are you from? how tall are you? what do you do for a living? do you have hair under that hat? you know…the essentials. At one point I even made him show me his license…relentless!

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Next thing I know, my “date” is standing directly behind us and my best friend Geralyn (who set us up) is ushering me away from Mike and saying we are heading to a different bar by the name of One Pelham East. Mike then asked for my number before we said our goodbyes. He quickly talked his friends into leaving SpeakEasy to find me at One Pelham East. They each paid an obscene cover upon arriving, did a lap around the bar and once Mike realized he couldn’t find me, they left. Shortly following our encounter he sent me a text saying how nice it was to meet me & how he’d love to grab drinks soon. Little did I know, he stayed up all night doing laundry waiting for a response that didn’t come till the following day (gotta make em wait, am I right ladies? ;)

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how they asked

Mike asked me to marry him on the 4th of July which is hands down my favorite holiday. My family owns a cottage in Cape Cod and we arranged for Mike’s family to rent a cottage on the same grove. They trekked here all the way from Michigan to join in on the celebrations! I woke up around 8 AM on the 4th and immediately told Mike that I was walking to my parents cottage with champagne to have mimosas with my little sister, Leah. The bubbly (among other drinks) continued flowing throughout the day which made my older (and wiser) sister, Jess, panic. She’s shared many of fourths with me and wanted to ensure I didn’t overdo it with the day drinking before the big proposal! Around 3 PM she started feeding me water and saying I’ll thank her later. I’m still in disbelief that my entire family knew and kept it a secret! Around 5 PM everyone started heading back from the beach to get ready for our dinner reservations.

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Seeing as the 4th is my favorite holiday, I had about 5 different red, white and blue options to choose from. My friend Kate and Mike’s sister-in-law, Yaja, both agreed I should wear the blue dress with little white flowers paired with red keds. I told them I wore the same exact outfit on my first date with Mike….what are the chances?! Once everyone was ready, Mike’s mom asked if we could take a group photo down my the anchor at the beach. At that point, Mike walked me down to the left side of the beach where there was a heart made with rose petals and letters drawn in the sand that read, “will you marry me?” INSTANT WATERWORKS.

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At that point, he got down on one knee and popped the question! I honestly couldn’t have planned it better myself, having both families there to witness the proposal & celebrate with us afterwards meant the world to Mike and I.

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