Danielle and Michael

How We Met

Fate intervened for us to meet at a local place on what seemed to be an ordinary day!

how they asked

On October 1, I experienced a night I will never forget. My sweet Michael (little did I know) had been planning an unforgettable proposal for months. I came to find out after that he asked both my mom and dad for permission to marry me several, several months ago. He special ordered it to what he thought I would want to wear on my finger to claim our love and dedication in marriage for the rest of our lives. He even took my mom to see the ring before he completed the process. He goes on to hide it for several weeks/a few months and tells more people special to mine and his hearts for their blessings. He jokes and says he couldn’t tell everyone because our family loves to talk (imagine that ?) and he wanted it to be a complete surprise.


Well, it sure was! I had a terrible day at school with three tests and endless projects along with finding out about my aunt that day and her brain mass. The truth I now know is that God wanted to mix some happy and some joy in there with the sadness our family was going through. Michael had planned the proposal for spring of next year but he was so excited to ask me (and y’all know my mom was like a kid at Christmas too–along with my dad but he is just now admitting it more). Michael and my dad spent the day together building a carriage for our fairytale and doing all the preparations while I (thought) everyone was at work and I was at class. I got home and Michael said he was taking me on a date to celebrate my grades after we went to visit with Debbie for some family time. When we left to go to what I thought was going to be a dinner date, we stopped at the pond for something my dad asked Michael to turn off (I thought). Then the lights come on over the pier and y’all, I felt my heart in my shoes. But Michael didn’t ask me then. He led me to the carriage to sit and he spilt his heart and his love for me. I was starving–I hadn’t eaten all day because of stress. So he said lets go eat and we started walking down the pier.

Danielle's Proposal in On a pier of a pond down the road

That’s when I turned to see the man of my dreams on one knee yapping and crying and I don’t remember a word he said except “will you marry me, Danielle Lauren Price?” And let me tell y’all, that boy almost got knocked in the water. I was SO thrilled–through all the tears and joy and hugs, Brandi Waddell pops up on the porch and says “can I come out now?” Not only did this great guy build me a carriage with flowers on a pier but he also had a wonderful photographer (my favorite to be exact) hiding capturing it all for us! Then after running to show my dad and mom, I thought of the heart ache my family was going through. It was like they could read my feelings and they told me that dad told him not to change when he was going to propose again; as close as our family is, we needed some joy on a gloomy day. I don’t normally post long things like this on Facebook but many, many have asked and for those who don’t know, you do now. Michael came into my life with bells on and truly has an amazing love for all of my family as they do for him. It’s amazing to see how God works and to instantly know that’s who was made especially for you. Michael is such a joy to be around and I could never show my appreciation enough of how wonderful he is to me and everyone he comes into contact with. God has truly blessed us and I’m so excited to continue this journey with Michael. I got a good one, y’all, and I’m hanging onto him ❤


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