Danielle and Michael

Danielle and Michael's Engagement in Ocean City, New Jersey

How We Met

My name is Danielle. I love sharing our story. Michael and I went to High School together. He was a grade above me, and we didn’t have similar friend groups. His friends were older, and I hung around the kids in my grade. Although we went to the same school, we didn’t technically know each other. I was a Freshman at the time, and I was the bookkeeper for the baseball team. I was dating someone else, and I don’t actually remember the first time taking notice to Michael. The first ever interaction took place on the baseball bus. Everyone was loading on, and I walked by him, and without hesitation said: “You have pretty eyes.” Michael has grayish, blue eyes that are amazing to look into. I can’t remember his response, but I am sure it was “thanks.” He keeps things short and sweet. As the years of High School progressed, we dated other people, and we never crossed paths. Here is where the story takes a turn.

At the time I was working at Shop Rite, and I was a cashier. This was back in 2010. I remember a few weeks prior, I got a friend request from Michael on Facebook. I accepted with no hesitation, and remember saying “he’s cute.” Fast forward to the afternoon I was working. I put up a status that day that said “work.” As I was ringing up the customer, I see three people walk into my line. I felt my face get red, and I began to blush. It was Michael, his brother, and a friend. They only had a few things, so I was curious as to why they didn’t go into the express lane. I said hello, and was hoping the check out would go fast, because I didn’t want him to see how nervous I was. As they left, my friend who was walking by, said I told them to go down to one of the other lanes because I was closing up. She was the express register. I knew at that moment, this interaction was meant to happen. As the day went on, I got a notification that he commented on my status. As quickly as possible, I checked to see what he said. He said, “While we go to Vermont.” Remember, my status said “work.” I then responded, “must be nice.” Nothing later came of that, until I got up the courage to message him. We were talking back and forth, and he so smooth stated that his phone battery was running low, so he gave me his phone number. I later found out, his phone was fully charged, he just needed an excuse to give me his number.

It was the following week, and Thanksgiving was upon us. I had plans, and that Saturday (Nov. 27, 2010) we made plans to go out on a date. I was so nervous when he picked me up. As I approached his car, he attempted to open my door, and his car was locked. I could tell he was awkwardly laughing, but super nervous. I knew I was going to like this guy. We went out to dinner and talked non-stop. Following dinner, we went bowling, and the conversations never stopped. When he walked me to the door to end the night, I hugged him and that was that. Come to realize, I had his wallet and phone in my bag from bowling. He quietly knocked on the door, and I handed him his belongings. Once I came to rave about the date to my Mom, she said to me “wow you must really like him.”

Fast forward a few years, our love grew and grew. There were bad moments where I wasn’t sure if this was right, or if we were going to make it through those moments. We have been together almost 8 years, and those moments of doubt only made us stronger. We purchased our first home in 2017, and have a wonderful fur baby named Sarge. We couldn’t be happier with all of our adventures and memories we are creating.

how they asked

It was a Tuesday. October 2, 2018, the moment happened. Michael and I were talking about marriage for a long time. I kept wondering when this moment was going to happen. I knew I was mentally ready, and I was looking forward to it so much. He told me had overtime to go to. It wasn’t anything out of the norm, so I easily said great, I’ll see you when you get home. The previous week, my best friend asked me to hang out and take a ride down Ocean City. That is my favorite place, so I never say no. It was around 4:40 pm, and my friend came to pick me up. We talked about everything like always, and it was a normal hangout session like we always have. Once we got to the shore we went to a coffee shop and headed to the boardwalk.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ocean City, New Jersey

We were talking about life, and about thoughts of when Michael may propose. I spoke with her a few days prior because I was wondering when he was going to do it. We kept walking, and she asked if we wanted to go to the beach. Without hesitation, we headed for the beach. We took pictures, shared stories, and walked. We were getting close to people on the beach. At this point in October, the beach and boardwalk is a ghost town. I didn’t think anything of it, so we kept talking. I looked up twice and thought the guy standing there looked like Michael. Eventually, I looked up a third time, and I asked my friend if that was Mike. She quickly responded with a yes, and I was in shock. I slowly walked to him as he was standing in a drawn out heart in the sand, with music, rose petals, and candles. He took my hand and shared the kindest and most thoughtful words to me. He got down on one knee and asked to marry me. I was crying, yet still in shock and of course said, YES!

The sky was gorgeous due to the sunset and the moment is unforgettable. Following the proposal, he blindfolded me and brought me to his cousin’s beach house where my family, his family, and my loved ones were waiting. I was able to soak it all in and realize that I am officially engaged and marrying the LOVE OF MY LIFE.