Danielle and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Windansea Beach in La Jolla, California

How We Met

After studying abroad for most of the summer of 2013 I returned home a college broke student who needed some spending money before heading back to school again in the fall. Since high school I had lifeguarded at my local community pool during the summer so I naturally returned to this job after returning to the states. On my first day back at the pool I recognized many familiar faces on the staff from previous seasons. It was good to rekindle friendships of summers past. It was then my turn to take the stand and guard the pool. I walked up to the stand to find a face I had yet to meet. We exchanged introductory pleasantries as I took over the post. His name was Michael and I was smitten. In that moment a spark was ignited. For the rest of the shift the two of us were inseparable. Our conversations were so natural as if we had been life-long friends. At that time I did not know I had met my future husband but looking back it makes so much sense. When the shift ended we exchanged numbers “in case we needed a shift covered” but it was truly an excuse to continue to get to know one another. It wasn’t until a week later that we had our first official date, we played tennis at the neighborhood courts. My heart was racing the entire time, not because of the cardio but wondering if and when he would kiss me. We finished our match and started to pack up to part our separate ways, I was still thinking about that kiss. Our goodbye was drawn out and filled with anticipation, at this point I took matters into my own hands and blurted “so, are you gonna kiss me or not?” And then it happened, the starting point to our forever.

how they asked

Five years, four cities, three degrees, two careers started, and the adoption of one sweet fur baby led us to our engagement. We were on vacation in California in September of 2019. On the third day of the trip we traveled from Laguna to San Diego. After sitting in traffic for three hours we finally made it to our hotel. As we were getting ready for dinner reservation at 8pm Michael asked if I’d be interested in getting drinks before dinner. Not thinking anything of it I agreed that it sounded like a good idea. On our drive to “get drinks” our conversations were normal and I suspected nothing (I think being in foreign territory helped his case). We arrived at our destination to get drinks which was a small coastal neighborhood without a restaurant in sight. I still thought nothing of this situation since I was foreign to the area. Michael asked if I wanted to check out the nearby beach since traffic had been good to us and our “drink reservation” was not for another 20 minutes. A sucker for a good pacific sunset I agreed and we walked down to the beach. Michael “spotted” an open spot on the rocks for us to check out the sunset. It was then that he expressed his love and desire to spend forever together. “From the day we met you have given me butterflies. I remember you walking up to that lifeguard stand six years ago and me thinking I had found my future wife. I was right and I never want those butterflies to go away,” he professed, “Danielle Andrea Lewandowski, will you marry me?” I shrieked with glee, “yes!” It was the sweetest proposal planned perfectly including a hidden photographer to capture the moment. Michael thought of every detail and I was completely surprised. We are now so excited to continue our journey and plan to get married in November of 2020.

Special Thanks

Mark Lenoce
 | Photographer