Danielle and Matt

How We Met

Matt and I met in October of 2011. I was out in Los Angeles visiting my brother and some friends and met him at the apartment of a mutual friend. We added each other on BBM… yes… BBM… Remember it was 2011. One exchange of our pins and the friendship was set.

As life would have it, I ended up moving to LA a mere 3 months later when I received a coveted job offer and packed up my life in 5 days. Matt was one of the only people I knew here and he quickly took me under his wing to join his group of BU friends. We very quickly became the best of friends doing everything together from trying out new rooftop bars, going to Billy Joel concerts and going on dates without the actual dating. We would hang out and chat and discuss everything from dating horror stories (with other people of course) and which restaurants we wanted to try next. This went on for about 3 years…

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Matt's childhood home in the backyard

In November of 2014, everything changed when Matt came over one Wednesday evening and told me he had feelings for me. My response? “ME?! NO, YOU DON’T!” and then I blacked out… I don’t remember much but I do know that at one point he told me “this isn’t that scary of a decision! It’s not like I am asking you to marry me?!” (little did he know…). I can’t quite remember the rest of the details of that fateful conversation but I know that it didn’t end in giving him a “yes” or a “no.”This went on for about 2 months…

After Matt escaped to Thailand and returned in January 2015 with an adorable elephant necklace for me, I couldn’t believe he didn’t hate me yet for keeping him hanging that long. A few short weeks and a lot of drama later we both decided we would go to our friend’s birthday party at our favorite bar. I somehow ended up outside the bar, alone, and super stressed out for some reason. Matt found me. I was crying, and hyperventilating and overall upset that I was hurting him and hating myself for not knowing why I couldn’t give him an answer. Matt finally decided to take matters into his own hands… YUP! He finally kissed me! I instantly calmed down and got the overwhelming feeling that this was something we should have been doing forever. And I guess that’s exactly what we ended up doing.

how they asked

Almost exactly 2 years later, Matt invited my family over to his parent’s house in Florida for a small family dinner… It was anything but small. He was in his backyard, suited up like Chris Harrison from The Bachelor with twinkle lights, rose petals, and a beautiful gazebo he built himself (I didn’t know he could even do that!) waiting for me with a ring in hand and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I guess you can figure out by now what my answer was…!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Matt's childhood home in the backyard

I couldn’t believe that for all these years my best friend, my soulmate, my perfect match and other half was sitting right in front of me this whole time. I didn’t know it…. But all of our friends sure did! Cue the “I Told You So’s!!!” #TolchYaSo