Danielle and Mark


How We Met

We met in Astoria, on a fine Wednesday evening at a popular Lounge Opening. Mark and I met through mutual friends that night, we were chatting about design as we are both creatives. He really dug my trendy outfit, and I was fascinated by his sense of humor and quick-witted jokes.

We started hanging out, going running, painting, eating our guacamole together and next you know 2 and half years later he surprised with a VERY amazingly planned proposal.


how they asked

It was Saturay, May 14th 2016 and were headed to the Javits Center for what I thought was a Design expo, given the fact that we are both in the Design field. Last minute, I was informed we were going to see Shakespeare play in Central Park, and as we were walking, Mark suggested we check out the Belvedere Castle.



I had never been to the hidden castle in the Park, but the building looked gorgeous. As we climbed to the top, we took in the amazing views and sunny skies. All of a sudden Mark suddenly tripped and asked that I help him up.


Next thing you know, he has my hand in his and a stunner ring in the other. His words were so thoughtfully spoken and the plan was perfect, as I was left astonished and filled with even more LOVE!


He said to me; “You know, you always help me up when I fall and put a smile on my face. You are so caring, considerate and creative.



I want to go on adventures with you forever.  You are perfect for me, and I can’t imagine living my life with anyone else. Never have I been more sure of anything. You are my Evergreen. Will you marry me?! “:


I was crying and speaking and must of OMG like a zillion times as I was soooo surprised!! He then pulls out another surprise, a Princess crown as he exclaimed, you deserve a Cinderella Princess style proposal. He took every detail into consideration, even the ring interior was engraved with the word EVERGREEN.


Next thing you know, we had a photographer pop out and took photos of us all around Central Park of spots that Mark had previously mapped out.


Once the photo session was done, he had the rest of the day/night planned with first celebratory cocktails at Tavern on the Green in Central Park.



After that, we went to the Pavilion in Union square and then dinner at The Gramercy House, where we walked up to the top center window table with a bottle of champagne and gorgeous roses waiting for me as well.


We ended the evening at the well-know hidden, swanky Campbell Apartment located in Grand Central for lavish cocktails. The best day planned by the BEST guy! I couldn’t sleep a wink that night and my eyes were glued to my gorgeous new ring!!!