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How We Met

What first got us hooked on a conversation was about my fandom for the New York Giants. After a week and a half of getting to know each other through texting we decided that it was time to meet in person. We had our first date at Miller’s Ale House the week after Thanksgiving in 2014. It was a meeting point between where we both lived. I will never forget this day. It feels like it happened just yesterday and he would tell you the same. I pulled up into the parking lot at Miller’s Ale House and just sat in my car. I called my cousin freaking out! I was so nervous and have never been on a date like this before, ever! She tried to keep me relaxed but all I kept telling her was maybe I should just go home because what if he is a stalker. She told me not to worry since my best friend’s cousin went to high school with him and I already had the low-down about him. I let him know I was there and we met outside by my car and walked inside together. We sat at a high-top table near the bar. He ordered a beer and I ordered a margarita (my favorite drink). He will still tell you today that he will never forget how I would lick the salt off the edge of the glass on our first date. For me, it was a habit! We ended up staying there for three and a half hours! Just talking and laughing all night. I remember leaving that night and telling myself that he was truly something else!

how they asked

When you are a PIA like me, keeping secrets and trying to surprise me can be difficult… and when I say difficult, I mean very difficult! I recently started a new career working as the Franchise Manager for iLoveKickboxing.com. Since we met, he would always find different ways to celebrate and share my accomplishments with him. It would be anything from flowers showing up at my doorstep to dinner at our favorite restaurants. It was about a month in as Franchise Manager. He told me that he would be taking me out to dinner at Prime in Huntington to celebrate on Friday the 16th! I marked the date in my calendar as usual, however I was confused as to why we were going out to dinner a whole month after I started the new career. We also had tickets to see Florida Georgia Line and Nelly the Thursday night before at Jones Beach, so our weekend had started out early.

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Friday morning, we woke up and I had this strange dream but could not remember what it was about. However, I woke up saying 6/16 which was todays date, but there was nothing important about it. As we both worked from home that morning I kept asking him what was so important about this day. (Now mind you that my Mom is very spiritual and always has visions in her dreams and they always mean something in the future) We were sitting at the dining room table and he continuously tells me that I have to leave because he needs to go to the gym at 2 o’clock. I was in no hurry because he told me dinner was at 6:30 that night. So I dilly dallied around the dining room and kitchen then he finally rushed me out of the house! (Here I am again confused). I messaged my sister and best friend about the dinner plans and they insisted that I dressed nice. As the day went on I hung around and then got ready for dinner. He picked me up early for dinner. It was around 5:30 pm. We headed to the restaurant all excited for an awesome dinner! When we arrived, valet took our car and we headed inside. He asked if I wanted to go outside by the docks to grab a drink at the bar since we had some time before our table was ready. I was being stubborn because the weather was not the best. (But really.. who can turn down a ice cold drink after a long week of work). We went out to the back and stood by the bar. He then asked if I wanted to look at the boats at the edge of the dock. “Sure!” I said. As we stood there he asked if I wanted to take a picture together. I was completely shocked! Normally, I ask every person in sight to take our picture more than once wherever we go. So he asked a gentleman who worked there to take our picture. He took a couple pictures then asked if I wanted to take a look and pick which angle I liked best. I started to flip though all the photos then Mark ripped the phone right out of my hands. I had no idea that the next picture I would have scrolled to would have been the ring! I told them I didn’t really mind where we stood as my hair was a disaster from the muggy weather. I turned around to walk back to my place in the picture and Mark was handing the phone back to the gentleman. I stood there waiting for him to walk back and as he turned around he got down on one knee. I smiled and just stared at him in the eyes. I was just so happy and filled with excitement that I didn’t even look at the ring box. Tears of joy just started rolling down my cheeks. All I can remember was him saying “Danielle Skye Ospedale…” and seeing his knee shaking below me. I looked up above him where the gentleman was taking the picture and noticed that all of the restaurant was watching. (It definitely made me a little shy since at this point I was crying) As he got up, we wrapped our arms around each other so tightly. When we both looked up to kiss each other and he had the tears in his eyes too. My hands were still shaking. When we turned around the bartender bought us two flutes of champagne.

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I immediately needed to take a picture and send it to my family and best friends. However, they all knew! We went to sit down at the dinner table and he told me that he originally was going to ask me the night before at the concert but when he got into my car when I picked him up he noticed my nails weren’t done. He then told me he needed a sweatshirt and brought the ring back inside the house. (How sweet!) As we sat at the table, we both looked at each other and questioned if I ever said yes! Neither of us could remember. The whole proposal seemed to be a blur for us both! After dinner, the restaurant surprised us with a dessert.

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After dinner, we met our parents at a restaurant in our neighborhood for a celebratory drink. It was also the first time our parents met since we have been dating for two and a half years! (crazy, I know!) Who would have thought that the morning I woke up saying 6/16 would have been the day I was proposed to by my bestfriend. I could not be more excited to spend the rest of my life with him. The next day my family surprised us with a confetti popper and a cake!

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We booked our venue already. May 26, 2019 cannot come soon enough! yay!


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