Danielle and Luke

How We Met

My fiancé (Luke) and I met in Sunday School at the church that our parents attended. At the tender age of 3, we were the best of friends. In fact, Luke often told his mother how he was going to build a lighthouse in the woods for us to live in when we got married one day! In the years the followed, we grew up. And as boys and girls commonly do, we grew apart. Yet, Luke was invited to every birthday party and special event in my life. After high school, Luke joined the army, and I moved to Tennessee for schooling. Luke and I continued to make the occasional comment to one another on Facebook in the years to come, but our lives never quite connected. Until five years later, in 2014. Luke was still in the army, stationed in Georgia. I was back home, living in Pennsylvania, and I had just had a baby three months prior. I was NOT even considering dating at this time in my life, but God had other plans. Following a conversation on Facebook, Luke asked me to go on a date with him when he came home for a wedding in less than a month. Of course, I agreed, and in May of 2014, we went on our first date. In October of the same year, we made our relationship official. No surprise to his mother, who predicted this when we were just children.

how they asked

In May of 2015, Luke was in the middle of a year-long deployment to Korea. At home, I was abruptly struck with a severe case of Lupus. Unfortunately, I got very sick and ended up in the hospital with kidney failure (bummer!). After a week in the local hospital, my health took a turn for the worst and I was life flighted to a larger hospital with doctors who were experienced in nephrology and Lupus. I landed in the Intensive Care Unit, and Luke landed in the airport, knowing he needed to see me. He also knew that he was not going back to Korea without making me his fiancé! It was now June 5th, and I had just finished one of many dialysis treatments that I received while in the hospital. It was a particularly emotional session for me that day, as it was starting to sink in just how sick I was. However, Luke was by my side the entire time. And it was at my lowest point in the hospital that Luke proposed to me! (Spoiler alert: I said yes!) He didn’t care that I was sick. He just loved me for me. And I cannot express in words how lucky I am to have found such a wonderful man. He may not have built me a lighthouse in the woods, but I can’t wait to build a life with my new little family.

Special Thanks

Ana Buranich