Danielle and Luke

How We Met

Luke and I were set up by a mutual family friend when we were 15-years-old. At that time, neither of us could drive so his parents drove him to my house after a Saturday night Mass where we met in person for the first time. After all the introductions were done, my mom drove us, along with my 3-year-old brother, to the local Chilies for our first date. I look back now and have to laugh at what an awkward drive it was. Two total strangers, riding in the backseat of my mom’s suburban with a screaming 3-year-old. Talk about romantic!

As the years passed we attended different high schools, both attended the University of South Carolina, then decided after graduating that he was going to stay in Columbia, SC and I was going to move back to Charleston, SC. We did a year and a half of long-distance. Each weekend that he would come to Charleston, we would always walk out to the Lighthouse at Folly Beach right before he had to leave again. I asked him after he proposed why he chose here, and he said to me – “One day I realized as we were walking that I was in the perfect place with the perfect girl. This was exactly where I was going to propose to you one day”.

Luke is the love of my life. I am hands down the luckiest girl in the world. He IS my world and I cannot wait to be his wife on 05/01/2021!

How They Asked

On our proposal day, my mom had (conveniently) scheduled both her and me a hair appointment. I didn’t think anything of it because we spend a lot of time together, and we get our hair done by the same girl – so it only made sense to schedule our appointments back to back! We spent the whole afternoon together and parted ways just after 3 pm. I drove home, ended up falling asleep on my bed for what turned into a little more than a cat nap, then my roommate, Meaghan, woke me up after she got home from work. Little did I know, Luke and her fiancé (the photographer) were setting up on the beach waiting for us to arrive for the 5:30 sunsets.

All week Meaghan and I had planned to have a “roommate date” which would consist of us walking the beach and going to our favorite beach bar, Loggerheads. On this day, in particular, she chose which part of the beach we were going to walk. A rounded the sand dunes towards the beach entrance, I looked over the dunes and saw Luke down the beach. He came to meet us, walked me down to his spot, and asked me to be his wife!

After the proposal, the surprises weren’t over just yet. I was told that the four of us were going downtown Charleston for dinner at 82 Queen – little did I know that both of our families were waiting for us at the table upstairs. Needless to say, I cried A LOT upon seeing all of their smiling faces! Everything about September 27, 2019, was absolutely perfect all thanks to my best friend Luke! Cheers to forever with you babe

Where to Propose in Folly Beach, South Carolina

Special Thanks

Troy Hardin
 | Photographer