Danielle and Luke

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Boise, ID

How We Met

Back in the fall of 2014, I was waiting in line at the start of the semester to check into my apartment. While I was in line, one of my friends Mom ran into me and told me I needed to meet her daughter’s new roommate Danielle because, in her words, Danielle was “super cute”. So naturally, I went over later that evening, and realized “super cute” was an understatement. When I opened the door, I saw the woman who would later become my wife sitting at a breakfast bar, and I was head over heels. We went on a date, after which she told me she wasn’t interested, and a few months after that we started dating (it’s a long story).

How They Asked

About 7 months after we met and countless impressions that I needed to marry this girl, we hiked to the top of the mountain overlooking her hometown of Boise and surprised her with the question- and thankfully she said yes! Over four years of marriage later, we have had some amazing adventures!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Boise, ID

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