Danielle and Kyle's Hiking Proposal

How We Met

We met in college when I was a sophomore and Kyle was a Junior at St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. We were both attending a Halloween dance on campus and were about to leave with a mutual friend to go home. Kyle’s costume was so ridiculous, I was sassy and asked who he was he told me his name and I immediately became embarrassed because he was the the baseball star on campus. I attempted to redeem myself by offering our friend and him McDonalds on the way home. He said yes and thank you as we dropped him off. I for sure thought I blew my chances with him. We didn’t actually start talking until we had a class together and became friends even though the both of us later admitted we had a crush on each other. And the rest of it is history!

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how they asked

We met during college in Duluth, MN while falling in love with hiking, the outdoors and the beauty of Lake Superior. We were very fortunate to have had an amazing fall this year with warm temperatures which were very unlike Duluth as it becomes frigid cold quickly after summer. Kyle had asked me mid week to accompany our roommates on a hike up the north shore that weekend in December which was much warmer than usual. I was very hesitant to say yes to going due to the fact that the weather can change drastically especially near the lake and I was not about to spend my Saturday freezing! He eventually convinced me with brunch on the way up at Betty’s Pies and drinks on the way home at Castle Danger Brewery which I could not turn down. We began our day as promised with brunch and then heading to Tettegouche State Park in Silver Bay with a beautiful hike overlooking Lake Superior. We took a moment to stop and take in the view and some pictures as I am a sucker for pictures I can post on my Instagram of my love for the lake. Kyle gave his phone to our roommate to take the picture of us and our roommate asked if we wanted to see the picture after before we kept hiking. Apparently I took the bait and was looking at Kyle’s phone screen saying “Danielle Press Play!”. I was so confused as to what was happening but pressed play and was surprised to see a video put together of photos of us taken over the 4 years we had been together set to my favorite love song “Be Mine” by David Gray. We both watched the video together laughing at our favorite memories and happy tears because it was so sweet and special. At the end of the video Kyle gave me a speech on how much he loves me and wants to spend the rest of our lives together and then proposed on one knee and I said yes! In his hiking backpack he packed champagne to pop and share with our roommates to celebrate. It was all a dream and everything was so perfect for us!

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Our Video