Danielle and Kevin

Image 1 of Daniell and Kevin

How We Met

In June 2012, one of our mutual friends decided to get a group together and go to a Yankee game. I am a huge Yankees fan so I did not decline, but Kevin is a Phillies fan and decided to commit himself to going to the game as well. As soon as I met him and saw his smile, I was in love. During the entire game, we talked and laughed and a strong connection grew. After the game, we lost touch for a year. After an extremely long year, (and still thinking about him), we reconnected in August 2013 only to find out he was moving away from New Jersey to Virginia and later on to Georgia. I was devastated by this news. When he was in Virginia, we would talk every single day until I finally decided I wanted to visit him. In March 2014, I went to Virginia and we have been inseparable ever since.

Image 2 of Daniell and Kevin

how they asked

The weekend of Presidents’ Day is always a long weekend so Kevin and I plan a trip every year. This year, Kevin surprised me with a trip to Cape May where we stayed at the most luxurious hotel, Congress Hall. It is a very romantic destination and this trip had a lot of sentimental memories for the both of us. This weekend was one of the coldest weekends so far. We were walking around the mall (an outdoor brick pathway with shops lining the street). Kevin suggested that we go for a walk on the beach since the following day was going to be ever colder. Since I love the beach, I was more than willing to go with him after bundling up at Congress Hall (the place we were staying). We walked on the beach down to the hotel where I used to stay with my parents when I was young. As we were making small talk, Kevin stopped and had his gloves off and said, ‘I need to ask you a question.’ I was confused as to why we were stopping since we could always ask questions and walk. Haha. He said, ‘I love you, and we can overcome anything together.’ So I replied with, ‘so what is the question?!’ Kevin proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed to me. This was the best day of my life. This day also made the quote, ‘if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be,’ more true then I would have ever known.