Danielle and Kevin

how we met

Kevin: Well, I remember the first time she walked into the CrossFit gym. She had come straight from her work and was wearing black pants and a red blouse, she was learning how to be a judge for an upcoming competition. We didn’t speak but I creepily stared at her for a hot minute… About 3 weeks later she stopped into the gym to actually workout this time instead of tease me with her incredible looks, I immediately volunteered to be her partner for the workout but she turned me down for some other girlfriend of hers… and that was my first interaction with my now fiancé.

Danielle: The very first I remember seeing Kevin was when I had come to our local CrossFit gym to review judge training for an up and coming competition. As I was going over the information with the gym owner (who, the week prior had mentioned that he had “some guy” for me to meet at the gym sometime) I remember seeing this guy dancing and jumping around throughout the gym… The following weekend was the competition and as we were getting ready to go out onto the floor, I was trying to find the team I was going to be judging. I was walking down the line in order to find my team and approached a guy, kindly asking him if he was the team I was looking for. Where he then proceeded to say, “Do we look like team XYZ, we’re #HRT.”…. And that is the first time I remember meeting my now fiancé.

how they asked

It was insanely awesome!! Back in February/March 2019, I suggested we go back to California to visit Danielle’s family and take a little vacation. She was immediately opposed! If we were going to vacation, she wanted to go somewhere and lounge on a beach, not go back to her family. We compromised and decided to spend 2 days in Loomis, CA with her family and 3 days up in Lake Tahoe, CA. (Danielle’s favorite childhood place). We picked a week in late August and against all of her wants, planned a trip to California. While she was dreading the trip, I had a secret agenda in the making, I needed to see her parents in order to ask them for their blessing and permission to marry their beautiful daughter. I also needed to figure out what an engagement ring was or even looked like… I started doing research on rings, diamond cuts and quality, and began saving money. I visited multiple chain jewelers and a few local ones while away on a work trip and just wasn’t finding anything that felt right.

Once I came home from my travel, I had a little less than a month to get a ring before we headed out to California. I used a haircut appointment and heavy traffic in a city about 45 minutes from our house as an excuse to be out and about late after work, I visited a local jeweler in Destin, FL and immediately found a connection with the salesman and store (they had fresh, home-baked cookies and beer) the salesman walked me around a few rings and after about the 6th ring I looked at, had finally found the one. The moment I picked it up and held it, my stomach churned with excitement and I literally couldn’t stop smiling, it was the exact same feeling when I realized almost two years earlier that she was the one. I had to hide the ring in the house and act cool for the next month, I also had to figure out what Danielle’s plan for Lake Tahoe was (She’s a huge planner and literally had every minute scheduled while we were there). I went back and forth almost daily on when and how to do it, should I invite friends and family? Should it just be us? Do I get pictures? Do I hire a photographer? Do I ask a random person to take a picture after the fact? Finally, I decided I wanted to do it at sunrise overlooking Lake Tahoe at one of her favorite spots, she had us scheduled to do some hike at sunrise on Tuesday, August 20th… me not being a morning person at all… was immediately “opposed” I played up injuries and made up all sorts of excuses in an effort to make her think that nothing was going to happen (I know she had a few friends asking if she thought it was going to happen on the trip).

I had also decided about 1 week before we left that I wanted it to just be us and that I wanted the moment captured. I started looking for a photographer. Alyssa was immediately on board, she was all about it and was totally in on the surprise. She helped me out tremendously with choosing the right spot at the Emerald Bay Scenic overlook and was all about blending in with other sunrise photographers to make it look as if it was just another morning at Lake Tahoe. Meanwhile, Danielle thought we were still going for a hike. The morning of, Danielle and I both woke up around 1:00 am! Neither of us could sleep, she couldn’t get comfortable and my mind was racing, around 2:00 am, we turned the tv on in our hotel and watched the kids baking championships on the food channel until about 5:30 when we left for our hike. On the car drive out, I told her my hip was hurting really bad and that I would like to just go to the scenic overlook instead of the hike… I couldn’t tell if she was frustrated or was so tired that she didn’t care. When we parked, it had just started getting light outside, it was a perfect morning, the air was clear and crisp, the lake looked amazing and the mountains were perfectly outlined by the rising sun in the distance. Alyssa was staged behind us and on top of a large rock, we sat there for what seemed like an eternity but in reality was probably less than 10 minutes. I got too excited and before the sun crested the mountain top, I stood up, got down on 1 knee and proposed. I think the pictures capture the reaction perfectly! Total surprise and amazing reaction! It was literally perfect.

Special Thanks

Alyssa Lynne Photography
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Emerald Bay State Park
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