Danielle and Keven

How We Met

We met during the freshman year of college and became best friends very quickly. During the summer of sophomore year, we developed feelings for each other and started talking every single night. But at the very end of the summer, he was accepted into a study abroad program in Berlin and we both knew it was an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. We decided to hold off on our relationship at that point until he returned. A month into his abroad program, however, I missed him too much and surprised him by buying a ticket to Berlin and we had our first official date in one of the most romantic restaurants I could’ve ever imagined! When he returned, we started dating and have been happy ever since :)

Danielle's Proposal in Sydney, Australia

how they asked

We are avid travelers and have traveled to 10 countries on 5 continents. I had a big test for medical school scheduled in May and we knew we wanted to travel to Australia afterward to celebrate and hit our 6th continent together. While I studied for the two months prior, he did most of the planning for our upcoming trip to Sydney and the Whitsunday Islands. We arrived in Sydney on a Monday morning and spent it exploring while our hotel was being prepared. Once we returned to the hotel, he told me to get ready for a walk in the park and dinner reservations he had made later that night.

Proposal Ideas Sydney, Australia

He wanted to take pictures at sunset and since he’s a photographer, I didn’t think twice. We strolled through the Royal Botanical Gardens and he took several photos. We came across a spot and he told me to take some pictures while he set up his tripod. When I turned around, he was there on one knee! After I said yes, a photographer came out of “hiding” – Keven hired her to capture our special moment and shoot engagement photos afterward. It was such a magical evening and made for the perfect vacation!

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