Danielle and Kent

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How We Met

Kent and I met in the spring of 2013. I was working as a bartender at a sports bar located in a softball park complex. Kent plays softball competitively and on recreation teams. One day he came in and ordered a beer. At the very end of his drink, he called me over and told me that I thought I gave him the wrong type of beer. I got him a new one and I went in the back and complained to my co-worker about him! Later that day, he came back in and tried to strike up a conversation with me, but I didn’t think much of it. A couple weeks later, on May 30th he came back in while I was working. This time I really noticed him! I started talking to him a little bit. We ended up exchanging numbers by the end of the night. We ended up texting back and forth. The next day he came to visit me at my other job. Then we continued to text and hang out and began dating about a month later. We became best friends and were inseparable!

how they asked

Kent has always told me about the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in Port Huron. It is a place that holds special memories for him and he calls it his safe place. Over the past couple years I have grown to share his love for lighthouses as well. We also call each other our lighthouses because we can get through even the worst storms of life with each other.It was the weekend of Kent’s birthday and he told me on that Sunday he had arranged for us to do a personal tour of the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse. He was so excited and so was I, to finally visit this place! He said he had invited my cousin Shannon and her husband Ben because we needed 4 people minimum to do the tour with us.

That afternoon, the four of us headed up to Port Huron. We went to lunch before at The Raven, which was a very cool and unique little restaurant. We then took a walk by the water before the tour. Once we got to the lighthouse, we met our tour guide and started. We walked around the grounds, and in a couple of the buildings. We learned the history and got to see how it was used throughout the years. Then we went to the actual tower. (I was really excited because Kent had told me that he wasn’t sure that we would be able to actually go up the tower.) Walking in, the tour guide was continuing to tell us information about the building. After he finished, Kent pointed out that there was an envelop on a shelve with my name on it. I was very confused. I picked it up and began to read it. It had directions that said to continue up the spiral staircase and look at each picture and to read each note on the way to the top.

I started towards the stairs and took two steps up, there was a picture frame with a note attached. It was a special memory of ours along with a note about he loved that certain time and how it played a part in how he fell in love with me. I took a few more steps, and there was another. A picture frame with a special time that we shared with a beautiful note. Up the entire spiral staircase, every few steps there was a frame with a memory with a special note.

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It was incredible how he remembered so many special things and how they all made up our love story. When we got to the top, Kent helped me outside…I walked around to find one last frame. It was shaped like puzzle piece. The note was sweet, and where the photo spot was, there was text that said ” Turn Around”. I turned and Kent was one knee. He asked me to marry him and it was the most incredible moment!

After we got down from the lighthouse and took some pictures on the beach, we left Port Huron.

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I was so excited! I told my parents and then Kent told me he wanted to surprise his parents and that we could go meet them at a restaurant that they were at. When we pulled into the restaurant I was chatting with my cousin not paying attention to anything. When we walked in, Kent told me his parents texted him where they were sitting. I followed him towards the back of the place. Then when I turned the corner, I saw all of our family and our close friends!!! We then got to have an engagement party and I got to share the incredible news with the people I loved!

It was a perfect day! Not only did i get the most amazing and thoughtful proposal, I also got a surprise engagement party! I could not have asked for a more incredible start to spending the rest of my life with the most amazing man.