Danielle and Kenneth

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How We Met

I had downloaded a dating app called Bumble, and what is so unique about this dating app is that the girls are the ones to message the guy. The second I saw his profile I immediately swiped right because I thought he was the most gorgeous man I had ever seen! So right after that I saw that we both had matched, which was amazing, I then immediately started to message him. Once we got the conversation going and saw that he was a million times better than any of the other guys on there, I told him that we should text. We had talked everyday for about a week, then on one Saturday night in November we had our first date at a little restaurant in Newport Beach, after that we held hands as we walked up and down the boardwalk and pier. Lastly, finishing that first date with a little kiss. From there the rest is obviously history.

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how they asked

It was both our first time to NYC, it was on a Thursday morning in Central Park. It had just rained the night before so the ground was still wet and it was cloudy outside. There was no one at the park which was incredible because you would think Central Park is always crowded. We got up that morning and he said he had wanted to go see this beautiful bridge and castle that were in the park. I thought nothing of it and said OK ! So as we take the subway practically all the way up to the top of central park, we come up to this beautiful Gothic Bridge. It was the most elegant and graceful bridge I had ever seen. We come up to bridge, I stand back and take a picture, and say OK lets keep going I wanna see the castle.

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But he gently grabbed my hand and said “No look at the beautiful detail of this bridge, just stand here and look at it.” So as we both stood there under the bridge he says “The reason I wanted you to see this bridge was because its beautiful just like you.” “Do you know how you’re always asking me if I’m sure that I love you?” “ Well I got you this to show that I do!” That was by far the best moment of my life and of course I said yes!!

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You can tell by the pictures how excited and surprised I was… The feeling is still surreal.

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