Danielle and Justin

how we met

We both work at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk for two different companies. I always had a crush on Justin for years. One summer my friend who worked for Justin told him how I’ve been crushing on him so he started coming over to my stand and play my games. We had a competition one night at work where we played each other’s stand games and loser would buy dinner. I lost but he still took me out for dinner.

how they asked

Justin originally wanted to propose at a Lantern Festival in Pennsylvania since I love the movie Tangled but the event got rained out. A couple weeks later, I was going to Disney with my best friend and Justin had to stay home and work. When we were in the Magic Kingdom, my best friend was bothering me to visit Rapunzel but I just wanted to ride rides. She was acting really weird and kept saying she wanted to visit Rapunzel but I did not want to. I was yelling at her for texting too (because who is she texting – we’re in Disney for Pete’s sake!) and she wanted to stop for a picture. Little did I know Justin was waiting with Rapunzel to propose so she had to text him a backup plan. I was in a mood because I just wanted to go to our next fast pass but I decided to take the picture. The photographer tells us to turn around and look at the castle so she can take a picture of our backs. Well, I turned to my best friend and said “We had to stop for this stupid picture of our backs?!”. When I turned back at the photographer, Justin was there to propose. I was so shocked all I could say was “What the heck are you doing here?”

Special Thanks

Limelight Entertainment
 | Photography
Edel Haus Farm
 | Reception Venue
Make Me Up Eva
 | Makeup Artist