Danielle and Joshua

Danielle and Joshua's Engagement in New York City

How We Met

We met at our apartment complex in Orlando. I was at the gym working out with my roommate at the time and saw Josh out the corner of my eye, I turned to my friend and my literal first words were ‘I’m going to marry that man’.

Fast forward a few days and my curiosity got the better of me, I asked a mutual friend for some details on Josh.

As we were heading for a night out he texted Josh to make him aware he had a girl crushing hard of him, coincidently, Josh had just gotten out of a cab downtown when he received this text.

We met that night at a bar and the rest was history! We were inseparable best friends, it was clear to everyone we were destined for forever.

Danielle's Proposal in New York City

How They Asked

It was our anniversary trip to New York. We’d met with another friend couple in Connecticut and taken the journey to explore the city! We hit all the tourist spots and came back to the hotel to freshen up for our evening.

It may be worth mentioning, our friend happens to be a talented photographer who works for a marketing company, our whole trip so far had been filmed for keep sake of what was to come!

Little did I know, they had been recording sneaky conversations of ‘how are you feeling’ and ‘what is the plan’ while i was out of ear shot, one of the many surprises I was about to learn about.

Josh pushed to get out in time to catch the sunset from an amazing spot he had researched (this was no shock to me as he is a sucker for a sunset). We headed down in the elevator where I noticed his red as a tomato face, Josh brushed it off down to a face wash he had just used, so oblivious to me, the rest of the gang and I set off into Central Park to make our way to Bow Bridge.

Once there, we all took turns with taking our shoots of the view. I was kept distracted by posing for picture after picture of looking out over the bridge, little did I know Josh was making his move to get the ring!

His struggle to get it out of the bag, then into an easily accessible pocket must of had him on edge, they say nothing ever goes off without a hitch!

Our time came for the two of us to take a picture, his chest was beating out of his body.

We had previously discussed our anniversary gifts for each other would be our travels to New York. It was becoming clear to me that he did not stick to this!

He starting sharing the most perfect words to me as he reach for the ring, my eyes locked on his completely missing the smooth maneuver, it wasn’t long before I caught on, that very ‘man I was going to marry in the gym’ was making that a reality! He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! The sun was setting, the view was amazing, my answer was obviously YES! and our friend was there to capture everything through his lens. It was a perfect moment.

Special Thanks

Alec Green
 | Photographer