They've Known Each Other Since Birth and 25 Years Later, His Proposal Was the Cutest We've Ever Seen

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How We Met

Jordan and I go way back! Like, almost 25-years WAY back. Our parents became close friends in Bible college, and we came into the world shortly thereafter: Jordan on May 25th, and I on June 19th, of 1991. My mother took the below photograph of Jordan and I that same year. After printing it and putting it in an album, nearly a quarter of a century ago, she stuck a word bubble onto the photo over Jordan’s head that read, “WANNA MARRY ME!?” Guess moms really do know best!

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Growing up, both of our fathers were ministers so our families moved around a lot. Though we never lived in the same city, our parent’s friendship would bring us together a couple of times a year. Raycroft-Hamm get-togethers were always events to look forward to, although we might not have admitted it at the time. Jordan and I both recall thinking to ourselves as kids that the Swan Princess movie reminded us of our love story: the more our families teased about our impending nuptials, the more we resisted the idea – at least openly. Deep down, we both hoped it to be true.

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how they asked

Jordan writes and performs his own music, solo and with his band, Raycroft. About two months before he proposed to me, we began performing as a duo. Singing is one of our favourite things to do together. On December 19th, 2015, I played with Raycroft for the first time in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. I was nervous, which I’m sure worked in Jordan’s favour. I was too busy worrying about nailing my parts to notice the sparklers he had placed under all of the seats, or to read into the fact that some of our closest family and friends had driven over two hours in the snow to be there. Oh! Jordan had also pulled together a small team of cameramen to capture the entire evening for “promotional material”.

After our set, the band and I headed backstage. The crowd was demanding an encore, and we had exhausted our entire catalogue of songs – or so I thought. The guys decided we would play a cover, and I hadn’t a clue how it went. Jordan told me, “just play the tambourine.” I was about to humiliate myself. Reluctantly, I followed Jordan out on to the stage which was now covered in rose pedals. “Could this be a prop for the song we’re playing?”, I thought to myself. When I looked back and noticed the band didn’t follow us, I knew something was up. I turned to Jordan as he said into the microphone, “this is a new song”. Immediately, I realized that the man of my dreams was about to propose to me! A song, lots of tears, and a fire alarm later (see video), we were engaged! BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Matthew Paquette
 | Videographer/Editor
Katie Nicolle
 | Photographer (Engagement Shoot)
Bradley Sherk
 | Photographer (Proposal)