Danielle and Jonathan

Danielle's Proposal in Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex, Vermont

How We Met

Jonathan and I met unintentionally. He and I were each out with friends – which was pretty rare for the both of us! We didn’t know it at the time, but we enjoy cozy evenings in at home rather than going out late. If it wasn’t for our friend Jared, we would never have met! His first words to me were “I like your nose ring!”, which made me laugh.

Jonathan and I soon became best friends, and he insisted on taking me out for a date. He arrived to my college apartment with a bottle of wine and flowers in his hand, and we had a fantastic evening. We’ve had many adventures and laughs since that day.

how they asked

When I arrived home from work on a random Thursday afternoon in September, I found pretty potted plants scattered throughout our home! Sunflowers were on the table too, which are my favorite flowers.

Jonathan said he hadn’t been home long, but I was confused because all of the laundry was done and dishes put away! He cooked us a salmon dinner, but didn’t eat one bite of it. I was instructed to get dressed for an “outside activity”.

Jonathan drove me to a local reservoir, where we have many memories with family and friends. He pulled out a picnic basket filled with chocolate and Vermont wine. We took the walking path around the water and set up a picnic to watch the sunset. After finishing his glass of wine, he pulled me up to my feet. At that moment I started to realize what was happening, and couldn’t believe it! He got down on one knee and asked the question I’ve been dreaming of since we met.

I can’t remember exactly what my initial reaction was, but it involved a big “YES!”, crying, laughing, hopping in circles, kissing and giggling with excitement. I was so surprised and overjoyed. It was the most perfect moment. I will never forget that day in a million years.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Indian Brook Reservoir in Essex, Vermont

We ended the night with family and wine to celebrate!