Danielle and Joel

how they asked: I went to Chicago on a girls trip with two of my college friends. It was a Friday morning, we got breakfast before our scheduled kayak tour of the city. We had some time to kill and one of my friends suggested we take a walk in Oz Park.

No one was in the park that morning, I’m taking in the scenery, talking my friends ears off, then I look up and see Joel walking towards me “Danielle, these have been the best three years of my life, let’s make it forever, will you marry me?”

Marriage Proposal Ideas in ChIcago, il Oz park

He rented a car from our home in Ohio, drove 7 hours Thursday night, stayed in a hotel, and surprised me the next morning. What a beautiful, unforgettable trip it turned out to be.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in ChIcago, il Oz park