Danielle and Joe

Where to Propose in Boston, Massachussetts

How We Met

Danielle and I met in the fall of 2012; Danielle attended UNH with my sister which is how we were first introduced. The day after we met I knew we had an immediate connection that would likely change the course of both our lives. At the time I was living in NH and Danielle had just moved to Boston to begin her career as a nurse. Over the course of the following year we quickly realized that our shared passion for enjoying friends, family, travel, sports and especially food- was growing into love. At the beginning of 2014 we moved in together in downtown Boston, a city we both love more than anywhere else in the world. Boston has always been at the heart of our relationship, it’s where we truly fell in love. The work hard, play hard mantra of the city is perfectly representative of how we approach both our relationship and our lives. It’s home, and I can’t imagine anywhere else for us to have shared our journey that led to this moment.

Bride and Joe's Engagement in Boston, Massachussetts

how they asked

Given how important Boston had been to our relationship I knew that it was where I wanted to propose. I hadn’t put much thought into exactly where in the city I’d ask the question until a week before I knew it was time. As I walking home from work one night I turned the corner and saw the light, literally. Christopher Columbus Park is situated directly in front of our home and Danielle loves Christmas lights more than anyone I know. It was perfect.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Boston, Massachussetts

In the days leading up to our engagement I formulated my plan for the big surprise. Two nights before everything was going to take place I walked home as usual and to my dismay a large section of the lighting had gone out. This led to me pleading with the city of Boston and slipping some cash to a city maintenance crew to fix the lights ASAP. As I walked home on the night I was set to ask the question, I turned the corner to see the park lit up what seemed brighter than usual, the sky was clear, and the city was shining. The rest as they say is history.

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