Danielle and Jeffrey

Danielle and Jeffrey's Engagement in Upstairs at he Kimberly Hotel

How We Met

e-harmony.com. It was love at first… okay message. He messaged me first :)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Upstairs at he Kimberly Hotel

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Upstairs at he Kimberly Hotel

how they asked

On the anniversary of our first date (two years ago) we went into New York City. We booked us a room at The Kimberly Hotel, where we stayed in the presidential suite facing The Empire State Building. Around 7pm, (the exact hour of our first date too, oh yes he’s that sentimental, melts my heart!) we went up for drinks at the rooftop bar, Upstairs At The Kimberly. Just as the sun was about the set he tells me he wants someone to take our picture in front of the amazing view. He asks a complete stranger to take some shots of us all dressed up (Asking a complete stranger is very out of his element as he can be very shy but it didn’t even cross my mind). \

Once he gave her his phone he came over held my hands and told me that I changed his life and that I made him into he man he was today, than got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course after screeching and jumping up and down I said YES.