Danielle and Jay

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How We Met

Showing up at my best friends graduation party in June of 2006, I was surprised to see multiple people I had never met. From the moment Jay walked in he had me charmed, his charisma and wit oozed off of him as we sat on Carmen’s parent’s porch. He definitely made an impression. As I left Carmen’s that afternoon I told her I thought Jay was cute and funny. I didn’t expect to see him again. Days after the grad party I received a text message from an unknown number. It was Jay asking me out on a date, my giddy 16-year-old self was ecstatic.

On the 26th of June 2006, Jay picked me up and took me to Noodles and Nacho Libre, which only furthered my adoration of him, and Jack Black. When he brought me home he dropped me off just as my dad was pulling up. The thing Jay didn’t know is that I was grounded. Oops! I got in trouble with the parents but it was worth it.

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I was first suspicious when Jay would not show me where we were sitting, this was then compounded by the fact that he had decided to wear a Randy Moss jersey instead of supporting his beloved Lions. When we got to the stadium we parked in a small lot right next to the stadium, this was a tip-off that our seats were probably better than his initial allusions.

We went to the gate and went quickly through security. The man who was in charge of the metal detectors attributed the positive signals to the wind and used the wand on us. The wand did not go off on either of us, making me think Jay did not have the ring on him. As we entered the stadium Jay lead me to a set of doors that entered into the suites area, flooring me that our seats were better than he led me to believe. An escalator down took us to a level with a small shop of high-end fan gear and two sections. A small line was forming to go to an exclusive section.

Jay told me that we were supposed to go in that line, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. We took another, longer, escalator down to the ground floor of the stadium where there were a lounge and a huge spread of food everywhere. I was on cloud nine. The area also boasted a turf area view, and access to the players as they ran out to practice and during halftime. I was bursting with excitement. It was already the greatest day of my life. Through the first half of the game, I was buzzing on the free beer and adrenaline. Then at halftime, as we watched Amhad Rashad get inducted into the Vikings ring of fame, I turned around to find Jay on one knee.

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There was no hoopla around us as others were still cheering for the ring of fame honoree, it was intimate, and matter of fact when he proclaimed “There is only one way to make this day more memorable.” I think he actually asked the question but I can’t remember because all I could hear was my own sobs as I said “Yes. Yes. Yes.”

The couple next to us had been told by Jay ahead of time, that he was going to propose. We are so grateful that they took a few photos for us to cherish forever. If we thought we were in heaven before that moment, that moment and the moments that followed, of happy tears and calls to our family were the greatest of our life. In the end he was able to pull of a surprise of a lifetime thanks to beyond awesome seats from his father and faulty metal detectors.