Danielle and Jason

How We Met

it was 2004 and that year I started my first year in college. I didn’t know anyone and sat down next to this guy (Mike) I had two classes with. Middle of the semester me and Mike became very close friends. One cold Saturday night in March Mike messaged me on AOL and asked if I would want to go to a 18+ club. I brought my best friend Diana with me and we hung out with Mike and his friends all night. couple weeks later we hung out again. Mike and Diana ended up hooking up and Mike kept telling me about Jason. I wasn’t interested talking to anyone that nicht and Jason seemed a little too “jersey shore” like for me. As I turned down Mikes proposition, Jason bought me a drink (Sprite) and I thought “ok this guy is trying to be suave”. I decided to stop being rude and started to talk to him. We talked, and then exchanged phone numbers. That night he called me to see if I got home ok, we ended up just talking for 4 hours (not exaggerating). I was 18 and Jason was 20. Since that phone call and that night we haven’t stopped seeing each other. Jason was the last one I expected to come into my life. After months went by of seeing eachother every weekend and flaking every day we just naturally became a title and exclusive. Twelve years later Mike and Diana are engaged, and Jason and myself are as well.

how they asked

It was my 31st birthday, I decided I didn’t want to make a big deal out of this one being that last year I had a big surprise party, so wanted to stay local. We went to a local tiki bar in Rye, NY. That night was a perfect warm summer night. As we are walking to the bar you have to walk on the boardwalk and there they have a mini golf course. On our first summer night date I believe it was June 2004, me and Jason went to play some mini golf. 18 and trying to think I was hot stuff I wanted to get the ball in the hole so bad, so I swung and swung hard enough to hit the ball so hard to make it fly out of the course and hit a guy smack in the face. Since then me and Jason always reminisce about that night. As we passed the mini golf course me and him laughed as usual about our first summer date night. The boardwalk was walked by us for twelve years! We always walked the entire boardwalk and enjoyed the weather and possibly a drink for years. Jason kept saying he wanted to go for a walk on the boardwalk as we grabbed our drink, Jason and my self followed with my closest friends started approaching the boardwalk. We walked and I hear my best friend say very softly “alright alright” and I was a little confused. I kept trying to move the crowd back to the bar being that I was low on my drink and wanted to head back to the bar. I see my best friend have her phone in her hand and I turned around and see Jason get down on one knee and say “Danielle Manda Milinovich will you be my queen for the rest of my life?” the night was perfect the tone was perfect, it seemed like people stopped walking the boardwalk for that moment and no one was around it was just me and him. I could try to explain my excitement but it was indescribable.

Image 1 of Danielle and Jason