Danielle and Jason

how we met

Jason and I met in a modern way, through a dating website. Jason messaged me first. He asked me on our first date later that week. We met at a local beer and wine bar. We were having such great conversation, we decided to continue our date at a local pool hall. We were together ever since!

how they asked

Jason and I bought tickets to go to Enchant Christmas at Tropicana Field with our good friends. Jason told me it was a good time to take Christmas photos, so I got dressed up, did my hair and makeup. We got to Enchant Christmas and went inside. Jason ran ahead, clearly excited to be there. We walked through a Christmas light maze, and we started taking pictures in different locations of the maze. I saw some signals and whispers going on before almost every photo we took. Finally, Jason found a very well lit area, full of white lights. He said that’s a perfect place for a picture. I went to get ready to take the picture and Jason was rummaging through a bag our friends were carrying. Jason stood next to me to take the picture. Our friends took the picture, and then Jason turned to me, reached in his back pocket, and got on one knee. He said he loved me so much, and asked if I would marry him. I could not believe this moment was finally happening,.I was shaking, but of course I said yes! It was a complete surprise! Turns out all of our friends and family were in on the planning. Jason told me he had a meeting at work one day, and drove to see my dad, to ask his permission to marry me. The friends that were with us took the ring from Jason at the entrance of Enchant Christmas, so Jason didn’t get caught with it going through security, and they waited for the perfect opportunity. Best. Day. Ever

Special Thanks