Danielle and Grant

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How We Met

So, we met in Subway. We were freshman in high school & were meeting mutual friends there for lunch. We both remember the details in the moment we met – it was short & sweet, but it kicked off a beautiful friendship.

Then, on November 9th, 2008, on the back of a four wheeler at the ranch, he was sitting there. I can still picture it perfectly. He was turned around backwards, sitting on the four wheeler, looking at me nervously after he had just asked me to be his girlfriend.

With his brown hair & his light brown eyes with that little hint of green, & the sun setting in the background. He was goofy, sweet, caring, loving, & servant-hearted & so much more. He was my best friend.

Little did I know what I was about to say yes to. Little did I know, that this boy would turn into the man of my dreams. Little did I know how much this man would pursue me in such a loving way, point me towards Jesus every single day, & show me the most unconditional love I have ever felt from someone other than Jesus, Himself. Little did I know how much growth & transformation this would turn us towards. Little did I know this man would be my husband one day. My husband– the man I dreamt about all these years. He was sitting there, nervously waiting for my response.

That day, on November 9th, 2008, I said yes to becoming Grant’s girlfriend. I am so thankful he asked & I am so thankful I said yes said.

how they asked

Fast forward six whole years, to November 9th, 2014 (with a lot in between). It was Sunday, my favorite day of the week & it was my favorite day of the year. All weekend, we had celebrated our six years together.

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The 9th, though – this was our day. We went to church, a beautiful & soul-renewing morning at Watermark Church, grabbed lunch, & went rollerskating. Shortly after getting home, Grant had to leave because he had a big test the next day.

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We said our goodbyes & at that time, two of my friends walked in to get ready for a fun night. Usually, our community group meets every Sunday night at my house, but this Sunday night, we had something different planned for our group… wine tasting! We got all dressed up & headed downtown. Meanwhile, all of this was going on:
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We had to make a quick, little stop because one of our girls was in a wedding the night before & had left her shoes a the place where they got ready. When we pulled up, we all hopped out & went in together. In through the pretty doors & up an elevator. As the doors opened to the 5th floor, we saw red rose petals lined with lit candles.

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I started laughing because I thought we walked into something that wasn’t for us, but then the girls turned around & just looked at me… Then it hit me. This was for me.

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The tears & nervousness started coming as I walked down the pretty path to the next elevator.

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As I got into the elevator, I frantically searched for which button to press until I realized there was only one. I pressed it for the 6th floor. The doors shut & I could barely stand, let alone breathe. I expected the doors to open to another hallway, but no…

As the doors opened, I saw my sweet love standing there in front of my grandmother’s chair with his bible in his hands, in his navy blue suit, smiling at me with tears streaming down his face.

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As soon as I could finally get my legs to work, I walked out of the elevator towards my man.

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I felt crippled & hunchbacked, but I made it to him.

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He asked if he could sit me down & read me something. As I sat, he took off my shoes & read me all of John 13, when Jesus washed his disciples feet.

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In the passage & at this point in time, no one wore shoes. The feet were the dirtiest & filthiest part of a person. Jesus kneels down & washes every single foot of the men who have walked with Him. The Son of God, bowing down, serving His people & washing them clean.

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Grant then asked me if he could wash my feet. As he poured the water into the pink rose bowl & rinsed my feet, he was making promises & speaking sweet words filled with so much love.

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He dried my feet, stood me up, held my hands, said things that mad me cry, smile, & cry some more. He then got down on his knee & asked me to marry him. I was in so much shock & felt so overjoyed. I couldn’t even get any words out, so I kissed him & then managed to get out a yes. The best yes.

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Never have I felt so much love from or for a single person as I did in these moments.

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It was perfect & I want to relive it over & over. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a more beautiful proposal or a more beautiful person to spend the rest of my life with.

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I still do not know how or why this man loves me so much, but every day he is constantly reminding me. This love is a dream & I am so thankful that God blessed me with a man who loves like He does. Here’s to forever!

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Special Thanks

Haley Rynn Ringo
 | Photography