Danielle and Gabe

How We Met

We met on…………..drumroll please…..TINDER!! Gabe was one of those guys that would rapidly swipe right every single girl while I was more of the meticulous one, reading every profile, outweighing the pros and cons. I wasn’t even on the app looking for anything serious, and then one night at work, Gabe’s profile came up. It said he had “super liked” me and I had no idea what that meant. I found out much later that Gabe had “swiped right” so many times and he had met his capacity for 24 hours when he got to my profile. He could use one super like in a 24 hour period and he decided to use it on me. I honestly couldn’t tell from his profile if he was cute or not (hahaha) and I almost contemplated “swiping left” aka rejecting him, but I thought, hey he super liked me, lets give this guy a chance. It is so crazy to think that even though we lived 15 minutes away from each other, if this scenario didn’t play out in this exact way, we may have never met. We started chatting right away on the app and within a few days, we decided to exchange numbers. I found him charming, I loved his voice when we would talk on the phone, and I could not wait to meet him.

He even sent me pictures of him and his cute niece Daisy over Easter. I had been working a lot of overtime at work and we finally picked a day to meet, March 30, 2016. I had always driven by World of Beer and wanted to check it out, so I thought that would be the perfect first date. Grab a couple beers and feel each other out. I met Gabe there after he got off of work and the first thing I thought was “he’s much cuter in person”. (He has also confided to me that he felt the same way haha.) Talking to him was easy. It was comfortable, like I had known him for a long time even though we had just met. We told many stories, we laughed a lot, we shared pictures with each other of things we had on our phone. It felt like moments had passed by and then when we actually looked at the time, we realized it was almost 1am, and we had spent more than 4 hours talking to each other. We both reluctantly called it a night, and poor Gabe had to get up for work at 6:30 the next morning! It was an amazing first date and we got to know each other more and more through second and third dates that week. The rest is history!

how they asked

Even though Gabe took his sweet time in asking me to go steady with him (he didn’t officially ask me to be his girlfriend until June 10th!!) we decided that our anniversary date would be our first date of March 30, 2016. We planned a fun getaway to downtown Chicago the Saturday after our one year mark (April 1st, 2017). I made dinner reservations at the fabulous Bavette’s back in January, and I booked us a room at Hotel Allegro. When we arrived, our room had chocolates, strawberries and a bottle of Veuve Cliquot. We cracked open the bottle to have a toast to us. I was only planning on having one glass because we were going to get cocktails at Bavette’s and at the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building. Gabe, however, was throwing back the champagne like it was water. I was like whoa, I thought we weren’t going to drink too much before dinner, and he replied with “I like this champagne, it’s expensive, why waste it?” I agreed and had a second glass!

He suggested we go to the Bean to grab some pictures before dinner, and I asked if I could wear my sneakers and jeans and change before dinner (I really didn’t want to walk around in my heels lol). He suggested I just get dressed now and then we don’t have to worry about the time as much. Again, I agree, so I put on my dress, put on my lipstick, grabbed my heels, and we walked to Millennium Park! The whole walk there, Gabe’s phone was blowing up. I think I said “jeez, who’s texting you?” and he said “oh, it’s just Jessica, telling us to have a good time” and he quickly put his phone away. I told him I didn’t mind if he responded to his texts, and he said he would rather be with me. I thought that was so sweet. When we got up to the bean, he knows my favorite spot is the northern side of it because then the whole skyline is reflected in it. He looked like he was walking around to find the perfect spot and started going away from the north side of it. I said “hey, Gabe, what are you doing? Don’t you think this is the best side?” He turned around and still looked confused for a minute.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In front of the Bean in Chicago

Finally he seemed to have found his bearings and we took a selfie. I always feel weird asking someone to take our picture so he was looking around for a good candidate. Finds an unwilling subject on his phone, and goes to hand him his iPhone and I say “wait, my camera takes better pictures!!”. Gabe agrees and hands this “stranger” my camera instead. The stranger takes one picture, takes two, takes three. By the second picture I’m like okay, what’s going on, this jerk is about to steal my camera, no one willingly takes more than one picture, he’s acting so weird!! And then by the third picture Gabe tells me “I love you”. I said it back. And then he says “I love you so much” and then he was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In front of the Bean in Chicago

I was in utter shock, pretty sure I was so confused that I blacked out because I don’t remember what was said, I don’t remember saying yes, I don’t even remember if I put on the ring or he did (he told me he did) lol. Turns out the “stranger” taking pictures was actually his friend Eric, and then Jessica (his brother’s girlfriend) was there too with her really nice camera and she got really good after pictures of us :)

It all made sense then! He was downing champagne in our room because he was nervous, his phone was blowing up because his friends were making sure they didn’t miss us, he wanted me to dress up because he knew they would take our pictures, and he was wandering around the Bean because he was looking for his friend Eric. I was so surprised.

And I know a lot of you thought it was a joke at first because he asked me on April Fool’s Day! He really got me good. We enjoyed the rest of the night at Bavette’s and the Signature Lounge, and then the next day my parents celebrated with us with a little more champagne at their house when we went to pick up our puppy, Jax. My parents had known for two whole weeks!!

He had been designing the ring since end of January and it is engraved with the word “always”. He knows how much that chapter in Harry Potter means to me, and it has become our saying as well. I am so excited to have found my always with such an amazing guy!