Danielle and Frank

Image 1 of Danielle Jade and Frank Philip

How We Met

Frank and I met whilst I was out with friends one Friday night a little over 4 years ago. I was living life to the fullest in my early 20s and barely looked sideways at any guys, especially ones that were too cute for my own good!! I can’t quite remember which one of us initiated the Facebook friend request. Being the independent woman that I was, I ignored Frank’s attempts to get me to go out with him. But one night Frank came to my work just as I had finished up my bartending shift. We ended up clubbed hopping for hours, drinking wayyy to many shots & we ended up passing on the dance floor of a packed Kings Cross nightclub. From that night on, we were basically inseparable!

how they asked

Every time I would ask (nag) Frank about when we were going to get engaged or married he would say “in 4 years”. It became a bit of a running joke in our friends circle…so much so that they basically started a countdown! The night of our 4 year anniversary we went out for a nice, simple dinner. Little did I know, he was trying his hardest to ‘underwhelm’ me so I wouldn’t think something was up! I ended up being quite sick that night so we went home early and went to bed.

The next morning Frank woke me up with roses and breakfast from my favorite cafe. With a smirk on his face, he asked me how long it would take me to get ready (obviously a while, duh!) as we were going out for lunch. He told me to wear something nice, so I tested him by asking jeans”? Heels? His response. Don’t wear jeans they may get wet and you’ll just have to take your shoes off. By this point I was started to get worried…I had no idea what kind of activities he had planned!

We got in the car and drove to Rose Bay, Sydney. There I discovered that we were going on a seaplane! The day was amazing and the seaplane ride was incredibly smooth.

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The pilot dropped us off on a little secluded beach on the Hawkesburry River called Hungry Beach. He gave us a picnic basket with wine and cheese and said he would pick us up in 2 hours.

Image 3 of Danielle Jade and Frank Philip

We set up our beach umbrella and picnic rug and ate and drank wine in the sun, talking about all things life. I was laying on Frank’s chest when he started telling me how much he misses me when he goes away (Frank is in the Defence Force).

I remember his heart just beating so incredibly hard but I was so blaze about the whole thing not realising was what happening. Next thing he said was “I have a question for you”….I straight away thought it was some kind of joke he was trying to play…next thing a ring box came out. By this stage I was uncontrollably laughing, in shock! I said “There’s no ring in there!” and then there was! After the ring was on my finger and the laughter had subsided about 10 minutes later, Frank said, “So….is that a Yes?!”

Image 4 of Danielle Jade and Frank Philip

The last 14 weeks have been an absolute whirlwind! Frank was deployed for 6 months, so we quickly locked in our venue and had a shotty engagement party….I still don’t think reality has set in!!

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Image 6 of Danielle Jade and Frank Philip