Danielle and Frank

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How We Met

As I was working through a long and very bitter divorce and going in and out of family court I was dealing with the difficult emotions of being scared so I started going into this one restaurant because I loved the salads. Everytime I went in there, this one girl would always help me with the biggest smile I ever saw we never really spoke but It was exactly what I needed with my current situation I started going to the restaurant more often to see her smile shortly thereafter we started making small talk about our current dysfunctional relationships. Our friendship grew every week at the restaurant and then we started hanging out. We found out that despite our age gap we had a lot in common. Fast forward 5 years, she is now living with me and gave me the most beautiful baby boy I have ever seen. With a fairy tale like this, I needed to make her my fiancé. Looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my queen.

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How They Asked

I asked her to take pictures with me by the Montauk lighthouse, as we were moving all around the rocks around the lighthouse taking pictures, I waited for the perfect moment to get down on one knee and ask. I asked at the lighthouse in Montauk because I summer there and love Montauk so much, it was such a special place for me. Soon as I proposed I found there was professional photography that just started photographing the moment and I receive these beautiful pictures of one of the best moments of my life.

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