Danielle and Eric

How We Met

Eric and I met in 2008 in college. I had just joined a sorority and all of the older girls said that “they had this friend who thought I was cute and wanted to set me up on a blind date.” I agreed, and he came as my date to our Winter Formal. We had a great time, but went our own ways in college. It wasn’t until after college, when we both moved up to San Francisco, that we started dating. We saw each other out at a bar after a VERY long time, and just hit it off immediately. We have been inseparable ever since. I even found out he started referring to me as his “girlfriend” to his family LONG before we ever had talked about it!

how they asked

Eric and I were coming up on our 4 year anniversary and he knew I had always wanted to hot air balloon so he “found a great Groupon deal” and wanted to make a weekend out of it. We got up to Napa and our balloon ride ended up getting cancelled due to fog so we killed time at a little breakfast diner. Then, he told me he had a few wine tasting appointments set up, so we headed to the first winery, Peju. We were about 3 tastings in when one of the women asked if we want to tour the property, so we did. She lead us up to a balcony, where there was a table for 2 with champagne and roses. I knew immediately what was happening, so when the first word came out of his mouth, I immediately started crying. The lady and another employee were able to capture this image from inside the building :). The best part was yet to come — our entire families had come in from all over California to meet us for a surprise lunch, and I found out we were all staying the whole weekend together in a beautiful ranch house overlooking the valley. And as if that wasn’t enough, the next day we went “wine tasting with the families” only to be surprised by 40 of our closest college friends for a surprise engagement party. I can’t stop smiling – it was absolutely perfect.

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