Danielle and Eli

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How we met

Eli and I met in 2013. I had just moved to Denver from Chicago to attend college. I worked part-time as a receptionist at a health club in which Eli started working at a few weeks later as a personal trainer. Our first encounter was… interesting. He introduced himself and then proceeded to ask me “ Is your hair real”? (I had long dark hair 3/4 of the way down my back). I replied “um, yes”, rolled my eyes and walked away. Fast forward five years and look at us now! We truly built such a great friendship before we started dating. I remember one of our coworkers came into work one day and ran up to me and said: “ Danielle, I had a dream you and Eli got married and I did your wedding makeup!” I was like “no way! You’re out of your mind!” Eli would book clients early when he knew I was opening the gym and thought he was so sly :) we began spending almost every day together. We explored a lot of Colorado and had so much fun doing so. Two years later Eli accepted an amazing job in California so we packed up all our belongings in our cars and continued our adventure in LA!

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how they asked

On July 8,2017, I threw Eli a surprise 30th birthday party! My parents flew in from Chicago to surprise him. We had such a great weekend. The morning after his party, I woke up and he was not there. I called him a few times and no answer. I called my parents who were staying at the hotel next to our apartment and they said they hadn’t seen him. He finally came back and said “oh, sorry I didn’t hear my phone I took Opie (our dog) for a walk” I suspected something was weird about it but I definitely didn’t think he had left to go ask my parents for their permission to marry me!

The following weekend, Eli suggested we go to Malibu to watch the sunrise. I remember saying “ SUNRISE?! That’s so early!” But I agreed and boy am I happy I did! It was the most perfect day. We drove to the beach with the top down on our convertible, sipping coffee and singing to our favorite songs. Oh, and Opie came along too ( important detail) We got to the beach and started walking. The weather was perfect and it was so peaceful. We walked for about 30 minutes and then stopped to sit down. Eli was behind me and I was looking out into the ocean watching the waves. All the sudden he said “ I have a question for you” without turning around I replied “ well ask away” he said “ turn around” I turned around and he was on one knee holding the ring in his hand. I couldn’t tell you everything he said because I was too busy screaming and crying. We laid there for a while and completely forgot we had our dog there! We eventually turned around and he had dug the most gigantic hole in the sand and laid in it. I took about 100 pictures of my ring on the way home and then we FaceTimed all our family.

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