Danielle and Dylan

Image 1 of Danielle and Dylan

How We Met: February 2013 was when I was first told I needed to meet ‘Dylan’. One of my best friends, Chad, was insistant that I meet his best friend, Dylan. I was hesitant and skeptical at first, as all girls are. My hopes were not high, but I obliged and let him give Dylan my number. We texted for a few weeks, nothing crazy, but finally picked a Saturday to meet. We didn’t have your typical first date – dinner, drinks a movie – no… We went to Panera Bread, and I accompanied Dylan to get a tattoo. He was extremely nervous, and it showed but I found him nothing short of genuine, sweet and an incredible gentlemen.

We continued to talk and go on dates and had our first kiss after an LA Kings game. A few weeks into us dating, I decided that someone could not be this nice and ended it. (I can’t be alone in having this thought). After about 3 weeks, we started innocently talking again and I realized that I couldn’t imagine not having Dylan in my life. The rest was history… I was sweetly asked to be his girlfriend on a Starbucks drink (Super cute!) and later made a huge decision to move across the country with him. I knew from the beginning that he was it – my best friend and the one I was meant to be with from beginning. I will forever be grateful for his patience, kindness and his persistence in pursing me.

how they asked: Saturday went as most Saturdays do for us. Woke up, made some coffee, watched a few episodes of Bloodline (seriously, you should watch it) and swam in the pool. Dylan acted no different from his usual goofy and calm self. We went to breakfast, came home, relaxed and decided together to go run some errands and get some dinner that night. Nothing out of the norm. My sister was home and said she had plans with her boyfriend that night and we had just celebrated my moms birthday the day before and she was very excited to relax at home.

Dylan and I got ready and headed out around 3. We decided to stop by a golf course and grab a beer – normal. After leaving there Dylan quickly realized he had stepped in gum and trailed it ALL over the car and his pants (I’m thinking that wasn’t in the plans). We then went to Lowes for some paint supplies, walked around the mall and went to Yardhouse. We got some drinks and appetizers and Dylan even asked if I wanted to see a movie.

I said no and decided going home and relaxing sounded nice. We stopped by the store on the way home for my parents and that was that. Once we pulled into the driveway Dylan told me to leave my bag of paint supplies in the car and we’d come back for them. A little weird but still, nothing abnormal. The minute I opened the door I was surrounded by rose petals and instantly heard ‘our songs’ playing the background. I immediately looked at Dylan and kept asking why it was all decorated.

Next I saw balloons hanging with pictures of us, cute signs all over the house and candles lit everywhere – that’s when I realized what was happening. And let me tell you, the waterworks came. Instant tears (and I was told later, sobs) started. I had always dreamed of this day but for it to be happening was unreal. That’s when I saw our good friend and photographer emerge and start snapping pictures. Dylan said his sweet words, got down on his knee and I said YES!

Image 2 of Danielle and Dylan

Dylan had forgotten to practice taking the ring out, because he handed me the box and said “Here you go!”. It was very funny and cute.

Image 3 of Danielle and Dylan

After we got the ring out (The incredibly beautiful ring) and placed on my finger, Dylan told me that my family was outside waiting to congratulate us. I opened the curtains and doors to the backyard and was greeted by 25 of our closest friends and family – that moment was indescribable.

Image 4 of Danielle and Dylan

I was on cloud 9 all night as we celebrated and enjoyed being engaged. The night was perfect and everything I could have ever imagined!

Photos by: Angelica Marie Photography