Danielle and Duarte


How We Met

We met through family, she’s one of my cousin’s good friends. It was Sunday night football when I went to my cousin’s house and guess who opened  the door…my soulmate. I couldn’t resist but to steal a kiss from her, it was then when I knew she was the one, it was a feeling I never ever felt before, the moment our lips touched I knew, I knew how special and amazing she is and I had to have her…she completes me.

how they asked

It was her grandfather’s 90th birthday, the whole family had a surprise party set up for him and I had one of my own. I knew how important it was for her to have her family present most important grandma and grandpa. I waited till the birthday song was sang and for her mom (and dad the only two people that knew what was going to happen ) to have everyone stand up so she could thank everyone for coming, once she was done it was my turn to approach the family  and I said ” I would like to thank everyone for making me a part of this special occasion a part of this family and also…was then when I turned into her direction, got in one knee and said Danielle…that’s all I could get out, her reaction was so amazing and beautiful it left me speechless, couldn’t get anything else out of my mouth besides WILL YOU MARRY ME ? She said YES…