Danielle and Darren

How We Met: Over a cup of coffee at Starbucks, Darren and I quickly became friends. Both being parents of young children, having similar goals in life – we found it hard to not be drawn to one another. Over time, I gathered enough bravery and I asked Darren how he truly felt about me. It was on a starry night at Ella Sharp Park that he told me he was in love with me. We’ve been inseparable ever since, through the trials and joys of life. I knew one day he would ask me to marry him – but I had simply no clue how detailed he’d make this day.


how they asked: For some time now, Darren has wanted to know if we could take family photos. As a Photographer, I usually do them myself, but I loved the idea of someone else doing them. Darren told me that his friend would meet us at Ella Sharp around 6 PM – we would do the photos of the four of us.

When My daughter and I got to Darren’s home, he asked if I would get changed into the outfit he got for me to wear. When I came out of the bathroom however, I found myself alone in the house. I frantically looked all over – thinking that he and the kids were playing a trick on me, but upon opening the garage I realized the car was gone. That was when Darren’s dad came out from the garage, and handed me an envelope.

Inside, Darren told me I was about to partake in a scavenger hunt. It would lead me to all of the places that meant most to us throughout our relationship. Places and special moments that define who we are as a couple. He took me to five different places – and at each location I discovered or was handed another envelope that would lead me to the next place. With each clue I was reminded of why those locations meant so much, and I was becoming more sure what was at the end of that scavenger hunt.

The last place I was asked to go to was Ella Sharp Park.

When I arrived, there was Darren and the kids, all of them with very excited looks on their faces. I got out of my car, too excited to speak – and watched Darren get on his knee in front of our children. He reminded me what made Ella Sharp Park so special, that this was the first place where he told me he loved me, and that he wanted to add a new memory here, by asking me a very big question.

Of course, I said yes, family photos did follow- and the rest is history.

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Photos by Tiffany Marie Photography