Danielle and Danny

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How We Met

I met Danny in 2012. We both worked at Bath & Body Works together and at the time, he had a girlfriend. I thought I didn’t have a chance until about 6 months later, he had mentioned that they were in a rocky state and he thought they would be breaking up. We then started texting and we hung out for the first time on the Fourth of July in 2013. We stayed out all night and morning, until 4 AM; that next day was rough! After that night we saw each other just about every other day. At this point, Danny was staying over my apartment more than he was sleeping at his own house. One late November night, Danny and I were laying in bed when we first exchanged our first “I love you’s”. Two months later, January 4th, 2014, Danny asked me to be his girlfriend while overlooking the city lights (yes, we said “I love you” before he asked me to be his girlfriend!). And you know what they say, the rest was history.

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how they asked

We were on vacation to San Francisco and were staying for a little under a week. We were at the point in our relationship that I was expecting him to propose and to be honest, I was expecting it on this vacation. The first day we explored the city, the Golden Gate Bridge and a quaint waterfront town. He had multiple chances to propose, yet he did not. I started to get really disappointed as I thought he was going to propose that first day. The next day comes around and we do some more exploring and end up going to one of the fanciest restaurants overlooking the pier and a picturesque view of the bay at sunset. While paying the (expensive) bill, we watched the sun set, fully. However, Danny says “Lets go down to the pier to watch the sun go down some more”. At this point, I knew something was up. We went down to the pier and I can tell Danny was nervous, as I hugged him I can feel his heart pounding out of his chest. That is when he pronounces his love for me and asked me to be his wife; and I of course said yes!

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