Danielle and Danny

How we met:

On November 29, 2014, I attended the 118th Civil War football game between Oregon and Oregon State with my parents. As we were walking down the steps to find our seats, I see two guys in the area we were sitting. I remember thinking to myself, “don’t give these Duck fans the time of day, I’m here with my parents, and I don’t want to hear them talking sh** about the Beavers.” Once we got in our seats, I was sitting next to a guy dressed head to toe in Duck gear. My dad starting talking with him and messing around throwing his team under the bus.

The game started and my dad sat down in his seat. The guy sitting next to me started asking questions about my life, since my dad was basically bragging about me before the game. Throughout the game, we got closer and closer, bad mouthing the other team, making bets, and sharing stories. When the game was coming to an end, he leaned over and asked for my number. As I was putting my number in his phone, he said “did I ever tell you my name?”. I said no. He preceded to tell me his name is Danny, and I laughed since my name is Danielle. We didn’t talk for the next couple of weeks, but Danny eventually asked me on a date for the following week. I accepted and the date was in the books. In the meantime, my dad was sharing videos and photos of the Civil War game with strangers at a Charger game in San Diego.

One of the girls pauses the video and says, “hey, I know that guy. His name is Danny and I worked with him in LA. He is a really nice guy.” My dad told me he instantly got a sense of relief. I like to think that all these pieces fell into place for Danny and I to meet at the game that night. There were so many things that could’ve happened to make us not end up together, whether it be me having the ticket on the other side of my parents or Danny being unable to come back into the stadium after being kicked out (yes, he got kicked out before we met and somehow managed to sneak back in… that’s a whole different story). Some people find love in the most unexpected places. I found mine sitting next to me in a stadium filled with 45,722 people.

how they asked:

After two years of being together, Danny and I talked about getting married. We knew we wanted to take the big leap, but I didn’t want to keep asking details on when this was going to happen. Eventually, Danny brought me to a jewelry story to try on rings and to get my size. I knew the day he was going to ask was on the horizon, and I couldn’t stop thinking about when he would pop the question. Shortly after our visit to the jewelry store, both our families were flying in to Oregon for our third Civil War football game together. In my mind, there was no doubt this was when he would ask me. In front of our families, in the stadium we first met, it was all I could think of. But little did I know Danny had no plans on asking me at the game.

Fast forward another month, Danny and I flew to Billings, MT to be with his family for Christmas. While flying in, Danny asked if I wanted to go to dinner at the nicest restaurant in Billings, the TEN restaurant. Again I thought to myself, “act cool Danielle, this is it. He is going to ask you at dinner”. For the next week, Danny was giving me the signal that he didn’t really care about our dinner by trying to reschedule it, or saying other people could join in, or we could do it during another visit. When it came down to our dinner at the TEN, we got seated in the corner next to the kitchen door. I was a little irritated since there was barely anyone at the other tables and they sat us next to the kitchen door, swinging open and closed constantly. Danny reassured me it was a nice seat and we continued on with our dinner.

During dessert, Danny told me he got me an early Christmas present. Before I knew it he was on his knee asking me to be his wife. Both of us had tears in our eyes once he put that ring on my finger. He went on to tell me he requested this seat since we both don’t like being the center of attention and it was away from the main entrance. Reminiscing back on this day, we both don’t remember what he said to me before he got down on his knee or even how they asked. It is such a blur and we were so caught up in the moment, we even laugh about it today.

Special Thanks

Stevie Dee Photography