Danielle and Daniel

How We Met: Daniel and I met in Sarasota when he was singing in my friends’ band. We went on several coffee dates and he would invite me to his house for homemade hot chocolate and stargazing, and we’d have picnics at the park. I quickly fell in love with his wit and creativity.

Image 2 of Danielle and Daniel
how they asked: It’s pretty typical for us to go to Texas or Louisiana about once or twice a year to visit Daniel’s family over the holidays. The only difference this past year was that neither of us could get off work. In November, we went for an early Thanksgiving visit to see his brothers and it ended up being the best vacation I’ve ever had. Daniel’s brothers work as the worship leaders at their church in Conroe, and one night, when I thought we were going to meet them at the church to go to dinner and a movie, I was greeted with a dark church sanctuary, a single chair, and a giant movie screen. I had stepped in some mud on our way into the building. Daniel bent down to brush it off my shoe, then he kissed me and nudged me on through the door. I was in shock for a good minute or so, and all I could think was “Oh my gosh it’s happening. Oh my gosh this is it.” It was perfect. Both humorous and heartfelt, just like Daniel. I was absolutely elated….

Image 3 of Danielle and DanielImage 1 of Danielle and Daniel

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Videographer: Jaymes Brown // Guitarist: Nathan Brown // Engagement photos: Alyssa Shrock