Danielle and Daniel

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How We Met

In August 2020 while the pandemic raged on, I kept seeing this cute boy in my friend’s photos and stories on Instagram. After doing a little stalking, I realized we had over 30 mutual friends and it was surprising we had never met. So naturally, I did what any girl would do, I messaged Vin (the friend who kept posting) and asked about the cute boy. It turns out his name is Daniel and yes, he was single. I decided I’d take my shot because what did I have to lose and DM’d him, saying, “Hey, this is random but the world is weird right now, so I’m going to go for it, are you single and would you like to get a drink sometime” (apparently I never took Not Your Mother’s Rules to heart) and thankfully he responded!

From that day on, we spent almost all our time together. I even went away for labor day weekend two weeks into the relationship with him and his parents! So out of character for me but I swear I was falling in love already.

And, not only did we fall in love, but so did our giant family’s. I’m 1 of 4 and Dan’s 1 of 5 – it’s going to be our big Italian Wedding.

Photo is our first date (I guess I knew it was going well!)

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How They Asked

On Monday Dan told me that he planned a special night away for the upcoming Saturday. He didn’t say where we were going just to pack a bag and that we’d have an adventure. We love exploring, hiking, finding cute towns, and seeing new places so I was psyched. He planned the day in full — starting with a cute cafe for breakfast and lattes, a snowy, wintery walk along a trail, a brewery (which even had the word twin in it! as a twin i loved that), and then to check-in the hotel. He booked us a night at the Madison Hotel which is so traditional, timeless and cozy. We were taking a photo with self-timer on my phone from my watch when all of a sudden he was on his knee. We were both crying, hugging and couldn’t be happier. It was perfect timing because we were able to have champagne, call our families (he not only asked my dad but also my twin’s permission!) and had booked us dinner in a private train parlor car from the 1890s.

The next day both of our parents came to my sisters for brunch and a celebration.

I’ve never been happier i took a chance.

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