Danielle and Dan

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How We Met

Almost five years ago on New Years Eve 2012 I went to a New Years Eve party at my college UMass Amherst. A friend of mine was throwing a huge party with college and high school friends. I got there early with my sister and college roommate. Throughout the night I was looking for who was going to be my New Years Eve kiss. Once Dan walked into the house I knew it was going to be him. He happened to walk in with my high school friend Michelle. I immediately went up to her and asked who he was. Coincidently Dan had also asked her about me and she dragged him over to me and introduced us. We shared a midnight kiss and have been together ever since. We are known to friends and family has The Dans and we are both twins!

how they asked

On December 9th, 2017 my mom, sister and my brothers girlfriend all went up to Kennebunkport, ME for what I thought was a girls day. We all shopped and drank for the day. Little did I know that Dan had been planning with my sister for months on proposing while we were in Kennebunkport, ME. He knew that the only way to surprise me with a proposal was to do it where I least expected it. During our day we went to lunch at The Boathouse and it had started to snow which we all thought was magical and I mentioned taking a photo in front of the huge Christmas tree in Kennebunkport Center. Had I known that Dan, my dad, my brother, Dan’s brother and Dan’s brothers fiance were all waiting outside by the tree I wouldn’t have ordered another drink! After we finished the drinks we walked outside to the tree. In front of the tree there was a Kennebunkport fire fighter who was taking donations. Two hours earlier my sister had gone up to him and let him know that her sister (ME) would be getting proposed to around 2:00pm. While we were waiting in the line to get our picture taken my sister said we should take a twin picture first and I thought that was a wonderful idea! My brother’s girlfriend, Annika took my phone to take pictures on it. While Heather and I were getting ready to take picture Dan walks out from around the tree. Confused I asked him “what are you doing here?” and he lovingly goes “you forgot something at home” he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever! People were cheering for us and I turned around and were shocked to see my brother, my dad, Dan’s brother and Dan’s brothers fiance! They all came out to celebrate with us and we spent the rest of the night celebrating with our families!

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