Danielle and Dan

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How We Met

When I first saw Danielle she was sitting across from me in a huge circle of people on the 5th floor of our dorm building. It was the first weekend on campus after we all moved in and she had come late to a floor event so that we could get to know each other. She introduced herself, and I immediately knew there was something special about her.

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Over the next couple weeks, I took any excuse I could to talk to her, to spend time with her. We made the same friends and hung out together watching movies and exploring Sarasota, Florida as a group. Late one night staying up late with my roommate talking about girls I confessed that the only girl that I could see myself with was Danielle, but I never made a move. After a few months she starting dating someone else who had more balls than I did. That fizzled after a month, but Danielle and I stayed close through the break up, and when we both went home from winter break we kept in contact and talked often.

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When break ended and everyone was back, our old friend group had a different dynamic, and Danielle and I started to hang out with other friends. Danielle and I grew even closer together, and I was incredibly happy to have found such a good friend and thoughts of wanting a more romantic relationship didn’t cross my mind anymore. Our friend Pat however, decided that he wanted to take his shot. Being a good friend, I tried to play matchmaker, which backfired quite quickly when after a party we had all attended, Danielle used the pretense of her new lip ring to not-so-subtly try and kiss me.

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how they asked

Seven years later to the day, I was in the cold, in Boston, missing the Super Bowl while down on one knee, asking her a question while her parents watched with their noses pressed against the glass of the restaurant where we were headed. I’ve followed her across the country, braved some of the worst winters Boston (let alone I) had seen, and grown so much as a person since that first kiss, and I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with her.

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