Danielle and Dan

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How We Met

It all started five years ago at New Year’s Eve party. We were at a friends house who was hosting a party. I noticed Dan as soon as he walked into the room and turned to my sister and said: “that is who I want to share my New Year’s kiss with.” Turns out Dan saw me too and wanted to meet me just as bad. Dan and I each wanted to talk to each other and mentioned that to our mutual friend who dragged Dan over to me to introduce himself. We sealed the night with a New Year’s Eve kiss and have been together ever since.

how they asked

I had always told Dan that I wanted to be surprised with the proposal, I wanted my family there and I wanted it to be captured with pictures. To say that made him nervous was an understatement. On December 9th, 2017 I was going away for a girls night with my mom, sister, and brother’s girlfriend. We went up to Kennebunkport, ME and planned on shopping and bar hopping the day away. In the center of Kennebunkport is a huge Christmas tree. I knew I wanted to get a picture taken in front of it and had no idea that Dan was planning on proposing in front of the tree later that day. Everyone knew what was planned for the day except for me!

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We went to The Boathouse for drinks and appetizers and Dan, my brother, my dad, Dan’s brother, and his brother’s fiance all waited by the tree for us to come out. In front of the tree was a Kennebunkport firefighter and he was taking donations to take peoples photos for them. My sister had gone up to him earlier in the day and told him I would be getting proposed to later and to be ready. As we walked to get a picture, my sister Heather asked if we wanted to take a twin picture first, I, of course, said sure!

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As we walked in front of the tree Dan came around and I shockingly asked him “what are you doing here?” He responded by saying “you forgot something at home” he then got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him! I jumped into his arms and screamed yes! After that, I saw my dad, brother, Dan’s brother and his brother’s fiance all there to celebrate with us! We went out after and celebrated with our families for the rest of the night!

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