Danielle and Cristian

How We Met: Cristian and I first met when he was my peer leader during my freshman year of high school. What started out as a crush that I thought would never amount to anything turned into a high school romance when he asked me out on a date a year later. The summer before he left for college we were inseparable and we’ve been together ever since!


how they asked: During a late night phone call when Cristian and I started dating in high school I mentioned to him that, in addition to my parent’s blessing, I would want my grandparents to give their permission for my future husband to ask me to marry him. Both of my grandparents passed away within 2 years of that phone call and I knew that my wish would never be able to come true. I never imagined that, eight years later, Cristian would drive me to Montpelier, VT a full 6 hours from our home in New Jersey to propose to me in front of my grandparents’ church. Before he got down on one knee he told me that in planning this proposal he thought back to that phone call and tried to come up with a way to honor my wish. It was the most romantic, meaningful and emotional gesture I could ever imagine.