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How We Met

Craig and I met on a cruise over Christmas almost exactly 3 years ago. I had met his sister, Chelsea, while dancing at the ship’s club one of the first nights. I saw her at one of the ports the next day so I went over to her table to ask if she was going back to dance that night, then I turned to her brother and asked if he was coming along. Craig didn’t even respond. He just looked at me confused. It wasn’t until we started dating 6 months later that he told me he saw me at that port and wanted to get the courage to talk to me then 10 seconds later I was at his table. He said he didn’t know how to process what just happened. I had spent the rest of the cruise flirting with him but he didn’t seem interested. Thankfully we became really close friends over the next couple of months and finally decided to take the plunge and start dating. Fast forward about 2.5 years through living over seas together, traveling Europe, adopting two rescue babies (kitty named Luna; puppy named Obi) and we’re here!

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how they asked

I had the feeling that Craig was going to ask me to marry him the night he was about to do it. We had picked out the ring together so it was only a matter of time. I was working until 8 but my co-workers kept stalling me so Craig would have more time to set up. I came home, knocked on the door and said “Craig, if anything is happening, can you hand me a tissue first? I’m kinda sick.” So he opened up the door, handed me tissues, and closed it again. When I did finally go in, there were little candles everywhere along with rose petals from our doorway into our living room. He had the TV on to show me the video he had put together to propose. Half way through, the video stopped working, which ended up being perfect. He said “Thankfully I already had a speech prepared since this is so us. Danielle you’ve been my greatest adventure and I want to continue our adventure together forever. Will you marry me?” Of course we both ugly cried as I said yes. It was the most memorable yet blurred night of my life. There’s nobody else in the world better for me. (SIDE BAR NOTE: we haven’t actually picked a date yet, the date selected is just the time frame we want to get married around)

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