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How We Met

We actually met when we both swiped right on Tinder. I had just downloaded Tinder again after going on a break from using the app, and we matched right away. We had a few friends in common–Conor grew up with a friend of mine and actually went to jr. high with my business partner. It was finally summer and I was at the pool with my friend Katie. Conor and I had been messaging (via Tinder, obviously) so I sent Alaina a text to ask her about him. She assumed we had met at our yard sale 3 days prior since Conor had stopped by, but he happened to show up while I was out getting coffee. We lived 5 minutes from one another and he was at my yard sale, but it took Tinder for us to meet. I actually told people we met at a yard sale those first few months but eventually embraced our story. So much of my life is online that it would make sense I’d meet someone that way, right?

Alaina (my theeverygirl.com cofounder) hadn’t seen him in years but said he was nice guy and that I should go out with him. And he told me he had seen Alaina’s posts about our company on Facebook which saved me from having to explain what I do since most men don’t get how running a women’s website works, and I even let him pick me up at my place which made things feel a lot more first datey. We went to Sportsman’s Club for drinks and after a few hours of talking, ended up getting dinner at The Dawson. I heard from him the next day and the following evening, he came to a concert with me and a few friends. Matt and Kim (the band) set the mood for what felt like the opposite of a romantic 2nd date. Kim offered to do some really inappropriate things to the room full of 18-22 year olds that we felt extremely out of place in, so Conor saved the night by taking me to The Green Mill for cocktails and jazz. Conor canceled a date with another girl that weekend, we both deleted tinder, and 4 days later, he invited me to join him, his mom, and stepdad for drinks on the lake. He kew it was a little early to meet the parents but I didn’t have plans and he thought it would be fun. And his mom is the best so it was a good move.

At the risk of sounding sappy, it was different from the beginning. I never wondered if he was interested or when I’d hear from him. Ever. Our relationship is obviously not perfect and we’ve had our bumps in the road like all couples do, but the past (almost) two years have been some of the best years of my life.

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It all happened on a Saturday afternoon. We were packing for our trip to Portugal so I was bouncing around from room to room and getting ready to run a few last minute errands. Conor asked me to sit down for a second, gave me a kiss, and I’m not sure what was said because as I said, everything’s a blur, but realized suddenly that I didn’t like the sweater I has on and went back into the bedroom to change. Conor seemed visibly nervous and maybe a little annoyed by the fact that I was all over the place, so he asked if I’d bring our passports into the living room so he could book our train ticket.

He went into the other room to get Buddy and sat him next to us on the sofa, and asked if I was sure we had everything we needed. “I think so?” “Are you sure? You can’t think of anything else?” I knew he had a ring and thought he might propose before our trip, and actually told a close friend I thought it would happen that day. But it was 3:00 in the afternoon and we had errands to run, so I was a really thrown off. In my head I was all “well I’d love my ring” since I knew he had it but held back and reminded him that we had errands to run. Breezy, right?

Conor told me he had something he thought I might want to bring on the trip and right there in our first home with our two pups, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I remember him telling me he loved me and couldn’t imagine spending the rest of his life with anyone else. I said I loved him, kept asking if this was really happening, and tried to steady my shaky hands.

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We called some of our family and friends and hopped in the car to get Buddy’s pills before the pharmacy closed. Once we got home I was told I had an hour to get ready. We were off to Sportsman Club–the spot where we had our first date on May 19 almost two years ago. We sat in the same booth where we first met and even had the same drinks – tequila & soda for me and a bourbon-amaro concoction for him. Less than two years ago I met this guy on Tinder for a first date and here we are celebrating our engagement. We got to Maude’s where there was a bottle of champagne and a card from my future sister-in-law waiting for us. I felt generally suspicious that something else might happen and joked that I was waiting for Emilia (one of my best friends who happens to be an incredible wedding photographer) to pop up with her camera. Conor said we weren’t done celebrating and that he wanted to stop by the pups to let the dogs out, which is when things started coming together.

The dogs had gone out less than 3 hours earlier and it was then that I realized Conor had made me take all our folded piles of clothes off the bed so we wouldn’t “mess them up when we got home late” and that he had cleaned the entire kitchen before we left. There were people at our place. We got home and I walked in to find over 30 friends and a few of my soon-to-be family members there to celebrate us. And who did I spot first? Emilia with her camera. It was the best night of my life, and to make it even better, he planned a surprise brunch with 3 of my closest friends the following day, and we left for a week long trip to Portugal Sunday evening. I can’t wait to get home and set a date!

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