Danielle and Connor

How We Met

I had planned a surprise trip for Connor to the Grand Canyon. He had never been. When I was planning I told my best friend the whole plan. So he decided he didn’t want to know where we were going (as not to ruin the surprise) but my best friend told him Thursday was the day to bring the ring and he would “know when it was time”. That was our day at the Grand Canyon and it could not have been more surprising.

How They Asked

I knew she had a big trip planned but had no idea where we were going. So I talked with her best friend and ask what day would be best to propose. She said Thursday. I had the ring and when I started seeing signs for Hoover Dam I put two and two together. The glass sky bridge was a nice touch. I almost couldn’t get her off the bridge after I asked cause she was so confused as to how I coordinated the photographer and all the other fun surprises.

Proposal Ideas Grand Canyon Sky bridge

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Grand Canyon Sky bridge